Tuesday, February 10, 2009

He's home!!!!

Oh my goodness! These photos say it all!!
I kept Bren home from school yesterday
partly because she does have a lingering cough
but mostly because she was
bouncing off the walls at 5 am
because it was "Daddy day!!!!"

In her prayers last night she said,
"Dear Jesus,
I love you.
Thank you for bringing my Daddy home.
And thank you for using bones to build us,
because if you didn't use bones,
we'd all just be big piles of jello.
I don't know Bren,
even with bones,
I was feeling kinda like a big pile of jello
watching you run to your Daddy like that!


Heather said...

Oh, that is SO sweet!
Welcome home!

Laura said...

Awww seeing her run to daddy thats just the sweetest thing. Glad he is back home and can be with his amazing family. Thank you god!

Anonymous said...

An Ala Grandmother

Anonymous said...

Aww, so sweet! I just want to cry. ~Valerie

Kim said...

Seriously going to cry Becca. How sweet. :)

So thrilled to see David home.

The Bean said...

Oh, thats great that D. is home!!!

Yea for you all!