Monday, February 16, 2009


The sweet tenderness of God

is curled up on a chair

in our living room tonight.

Quieted exhuberance

in a fluffy red tu-tu!
It doesn't get much sweeter than this!
And to Melissa,
my commenter who tried to guess
my surprise,
I am NOT preggo!
Our baby making days are long gone,
but I will give you a hint.....
It's dazzling!!
(but not in a vampire sort of way)


Jes said...

So you're not going to Forks? Did you get some bling?

The Perfect Trio said...

aw man!!! well, i tried! did you get a good laugh anyway??? LOL

Holly Anderson said...

Hmmmmm - a dazzling surprise . . . a new blog layout that will tickle our fancies?

You have bling for US??

A new pretty photo of YOU?

Don't keep us in suspense!!!