Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hanging with the kinders!

It's been a busy week for Bren's Kindergarten class.
This week they had their 100 days of school celebration!

They made 100 day hats
and filled bags with 100 treats from the treat table.

They sorted out 100 10's and did
lots of fun activities based on
the number 100.

Including bringing in 100 items
from home.
That's Bren's bag there on the top left.
She brought in 100 dum-dum lolli-pops.

Friday was another big day for them.
It was Crazy Hair Day!!!

This is as crazy as Bren would get.
8 braids.
We had planned to roll her hair up in soft curlers
for her to sleep in.
She would definitely have had super crazy hair then,
but I had a chick flick night
with my Soalo girls (hollah!)
and wouldn't be home before her bed time to roll her hair.
I offered to roll her up at 5pm before I left,
but she didn't want any part of that!

So we went with option number 2... 8 braids.
She was even a bit apprehensive about going to school like this.
But her fear subsided once we drove up to school
and two little boys with pink and green mohawks
got out of the car in front of us.
It's funny how even at this age
most of them don't want to stand out too much
from their peers.
Blending in is the goal
even at 5.

Lots of kids participated in the fun and
posed for a crazy hair photo.
Aren't they cute?
That little boy to the far right
has me wrapped.
He's is such a dimpled little cutie!
See the twins rockin the red mohawks?
They are a riot!

I spent the whole afternoon with
Bren's class and was able to watch
their regular Friday activities.
Friday is my normal volunteer day,
but I'm usually making copies,
cutting out shapes,
glueing things together,
or otherwise engaged in
helping the teacher prepare for the
following week,
so I'm not able to observe as much
as I did yesterday.
It was so fun to watch these kids
interact with each other.
Some of the funniest things
come out of the mouths of kindergarteners!
A few weeks ago,
I walked in on Friday to help
and was greeted by one of the little girls
who tends to want to be by my side
when I'm there.
The first thing she tells me when she sees me is
that she knows whose mom I am.
On this day she affirmed once again that I am Bren's mom
and then she added,
"You are a kinda little mamma, aren't you?"
She's right!
Most of these kids will be taller than me
by the time they are 5th graders,
but I thought her observation was so funny.

They've got an impressive routine down
and they are all pretty good about
following the class rules.
Bren's teacher is able to handle 22 kids
mostly on her own
because the rules are clear
and the routine is predictable.
It's like clockwork to the observer.
Their favorite time by far is "centers"
where they can choose from a variety of activities
to do for about 30 minutes at the end of the day.
They really look forward to this
and seem to make sure they
follow the rules well enough
throughout the day so as
not to jeopardize this fun time.

It was pizza Friday,
so I was able to relive the very unique
experience of cafeteria pizza
right along with Bren.

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Mari said...

Kindergarten all day?? WOW!! And they eat in a cafeteria?? WHOA!!

I noticed the writing of the alpahabet is different too!! We use D'Nealian here on the East side. We also eat in our classrooms in elementary!! And dont I just wish ALL DAY KINDERGARTEN exsisted!

Thanks for sharing Bren's day with us!!

Oh and BTW, I fit into a little Kindergarten girl's shoes!! She wears a 3 in childrens!! I guess I do too!!! LOL ...and she is only 6!!