Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Road Home.....

I know I'm skipping a post in here
(through West Virginia)
but now that I'm here,
I can't wait to post photos
of the final leg!
Michael is once again
our guest photographer for the day.

We were treated to blue skies and breathtaking views
as we made our way through
Western Maryland.

The long and winding road
brought us closer and closer to civilization
while still charming us with
untouched hills covered with a
thick blanket of green trees.
This surely must be an incredible drive
in autumn with the leaves change!

Michael was marveling at the many shades of green
we could see in the trees as we drove.
I've always said that the light shines differently here
and it was good to hear that someone else noticed it too.
The sun plays with the leaves and changes them from
light to dark and every shade of green in between
all on the same tree.
I'm not sure how to put it into words and not sound
like I'm painting the east coast as a utopia,
but one of the things I noticed was different
when we lived in California and Washington
was this kind of light play.
Does anyone else know what I'm talking about
or am I completely crazy?

Michael and I were
bouncing in our seats when we saw this sign!
Almost there!!

This is the tree lined road through the woods
that leads to our house!
We had just passed the street I grew up on
and there to the right,
deep in the woods (especially in the fall),
we used to be able to see the tree fort
that my brother and I built
when we were kids.
One of these days, I will take the kids to look for it
and see if there are any hints of it still there.

My mom was waiting on the front porch when we arrived.
She had done such an awesome job
getting the house ready for us.
She stocked it with snacks,
paper goods, towels
and cleaning supplies.
She even bought a welcome mat,
decorated a bathroom
and put a bow on the outdoor lamp!
She's amazing!
We have never transitioned into a home
easier than we have here!

Here is the outside view from Bren's swingset.
We are close to getting all of our belongings
put away and organized,
so inside photos will be coming soon!
I'm incredibly pleased with the house.
It is absolutely perfect for us
and we feel so blessed to be here!

Another little touch from my mom!

This little momma robin
has been keeping watch over the front porch
(and her nest of eggs).
We'll soon have a family of hungry baby birds
to peek at from the window.
The robin family is just one of the many
wildlife families we've seen so far.
There is a family of deer
(about 8 of them)
that frequent the ravine behind our house.
Foxes and racoons have been spotted
as well as one special box turtle that
I will blog about soon.
So far no snakes or too may creepy crawlies.
We are absolutely LOVING living in the woods.
Michael has already picked out the perfect rope swing tree
and he and Brendell go exploring every chance they get.
I'm overwhelmed with gratitude and filled with awe
when I think about the precious gift that
living back in this area is to me!
Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers
for us during our road trip!
It was so fun to share it with you!


Mari said...

So glad you made it home safely! What an awesome gift God has given you with a beautiful family. Can't wait to see the inside!!

Laura said...

Glad you arrived safely!!!. Glad your there with your awesome mama!. I am so glad your kids get to grow up where you did, your going to have so much fun here and the house looks amazing. I am anxiously waiting to see the inside!!!. Love you

Chip said...

Great post and what a wonderful end to your trek. I can't believe you have your own birds nest!

One of the things I love about traveling is the difference in light that comes with each new environment. Same sun, same sky, different light. How does it do that? Evening light in Santa Barbara and Western Washington after a good rain storm have always been my favorites.

CTA said...

can't wait to get together! So, you skipped WV?? I'm hurt - LOL