Monday, May 3, 2010

Cross Country Adventure Day 1....

Our cross country road trip begins
with a short 5 hour drive
from Seattle to Spokane.
Our guest photographer for this leg
is Madison!

We will al miss the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.
We certainly enjoyed exploring here!

In Spokane at my friend Linda's house
we saw a full double rainbow!
We could see it touch on both ends.
What a great way to say goodbye to
such a gorgeous state!


Laura said...

Gosh that rainbow shot is well your right a perfect way to say goodbye, it really gave you its true beauty that day. Love it.

Thanks again for sharing your journey, it may be long, but what you see will make it so much worth it.

Anonymous said...

The Holiday Inn in Council Bluffs by the Mid America Center? if so we were just acriss the street from you and didn't know it at the time! Hope the rest if your trip is awesome