Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cross Country Road Trip Day 5....

Because we had to bypass
yellowstone due to weather,
we were able to take a fun day
at the Great Wolf Lodge
in Kansas City, Kansas.

I rode shotgun today
(followed by the two yahoos pictures above)
for the short drive from Iowa
to Kansas City,
so I will be your photographer for this leg.
Not much as far as scenery goes
since the drive was so short,
but I did capture a few farms and
people doing farm things.
I wonder how I would do living on a farm?
It seems so ideal and American,
but I'm so not a morning person.
My chickens would starve and
my cows would explode from having
too much milk.
Nope, I don't think a farm would suit me very well.

But I would like a cute little place like this
complete with an American flag
and a weathered barn.
I'd use it
just to relax a little once in a while,
wear a flowy dress with little flowers on it,
use words like darlin' and sugar,
ring one of those triangle things
to let all of my cowboys know that
dinner is ready,
and pretend that I live off the land
and don't care about where the nearest
shopping mall or starbucks is.
And I don't see any cows or chickens here,
so I think I'd be fine for a few days.
Plus who can resist a completely red house?

You could feel the excitement in the car
when we first caught a glimpse of
the Great Wolf Lodge!

I mean look at this place!
It's a kid's wonderland!
All three of them had a blast!!
And David LOVES waterparks,
so he really enjoyed our stay there too.
There are way too many photos to edit from
our stay there,
so here are some highlights....

I know, huh?
Sooooo cute!!

She's a little fish now!
A far cry from last summer when
we couldn't get her off of the steps
of any pool we were in!

Sorry there is not much comentary tonight,
but I think these photos speak for themselves.
Plus I am soooo tired after our
nine hour drive today.
I will share photos from our adventure
through Kansas, Missouri,
Indianna and finally to a hotel
in Kentucky.
(yes we did that all in one day!)
For now,
good night blog friends
and sweet dreams!


Mari said...

First off...can you just adopt me?? Oh and Chloe? :) Bren would have a playmate for life!

2nd did you get Bren to love the water? Chloe is a step sitter too. She is scared to death of water! Funny, coming from someone like Chloe too.

Laura said...

Oh My Gosh!!! LOVE the pics but the most excitement for me to is the Waterpark talk about a fun place to stay! I wouldn't do anything else but be at the Waterpark all day that is way to sweet!!! Glad your all having fun and making it an awesome new adventure.

The Perfect Trio said...

How much fun!!!! And you stayed in KY?? Anywhere near Oak Grove?? You could've stayed with me!! (a complete stranger...LOL)