Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cross Country Road Trip Day 3....

Day 3 took us from Billings, MT

through Wyoming to Rapid City, SD.

Our guest photographer for this leg is

David during the drive

and then me at the pit stops.

Bren is really being a trooper!
As boring as the drives have been,
I expected her to complain alot,
but she's been occupied with her coloring books
and has enjoyed singing at the top of her lungs
with us when a fun song comes on the radio.
Usually, we are relegated to a country station
full of static
or a station playing a perpetual tribal rain dance song,
but every once in a while a station with familiar songs
will come in clear enough for us to
sing along with.
We did have some excitement thought when
we had to slow down for a bunch of cowboys
to unload their horses.

The wind was crazy!!
We had to be careful opening our car doors
because the wind would push them open with
so much force I thought they'd come off of their hinges!

I know that just because we were in Wyoming
didn't mean that everyone would be decked out in
chaps and cowboy hats but,
I was hoping to see a real cowboy,
chaps and all,
and I got to see two!

If we had to deal with miles and miles
of desert and prairie,
I'm glad we had these gorgeous blue skies to follow us
for most of this trip.

We bedded down for the night in Rapid City, SD.
We met a waitress at Godfather's Pizza
who had never left Rapid City.
She was amazed at all of our travels
and I was happy to hear my kids
proudly telling her of all of our travels.


Kelly @ Love Well said...

I love the blue sky-mountain shots. What a glimpse of America you're getting.

(By the way, if you stay on 90 today and pass over 35 in Minnesota, you'll be within of our Tiny Town house. I'll send happy thoughts and big waves your way all day.)

Laura said...

Awww I just wanna huge Bren she looks like she is doing amazing for being in the car for so long and enjoying her time.

Yay for cowboys! and LOVE LOVE LOVE the blue skies.

This is so the perfect way to travel, making your memories and sharing em with your friends and fam ^_^