Friday, May 7, 2010

Cross Country Road Trip Day 6....

Day 6 took us through
Iowa, Missouri, Indiana and Kentucky.
Michael is our guest photographer
again for this leg.

One thing that I can definitely say
about cross country road trips
aside from the fact that they insure family bonding
is that they make your world much bigger.

Growing up on the east coast,
I never really thought beyond the states I was familiar with.
I associated Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota
with cowboys, horses and wild west gun fights,
Kansas with Tornados and Dorothy
and Indiana with basketball.
Sadly, I never really even thought about Iowa.
and I've discovered that she is gorgeous!
The first thing that popped into my mind
when thinking about Kentucky was
fried chicken (of course).
By the way,
we tried to go to Kentucky fried chicken here in Kentucky
right after we checked into our hotel
and they were completely out of chicken
at 8:00 pm!
Kentuckians must love the chicken too!

While driving through the arteries
of America's heartland,
I can't help but become friends
with the states I'm driving through.
As I get to know each one,
I'm finding things that fascinate
and surprise me.

Each state has a personality
and a "feel" to them.
I like them all
and I'm glad I'm getting to know them
more and more with each mile we drive.

We are stopping in Jeffersontown, KY
This will be our second to last stop
before we get to our final destination.

Tomorrow we drive to our last stop
which will be Morgantown, WV.
After that we'll be in Crownsville, MD
and one journey will come to an end
while another one will be just beginning.

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CTA said...

How was Morgantown? Bryce is going to college there.