Saturday, May 1, 2010

and then there were 5.....

My first bird has flown.

Saying goodbye to him

was by far the most heart wrenching

event for all of us.

How do you say goodbye

to someone who is so much a part of you?

There simply are no words......

We all just held eachother and spoke

words of love an encouragement

through broken voices
and hot tears.

Although our hearts were breaking

because of the distance that will be between us,

it was wonderful to see that the bond

we share is unbroken.

Zach is on to new adventures of his own now.

We are so proud of his determination
and we know that he has what it takes
to succeed in anything that he puts his mind to!

He's strong and smart
and we have so much faith in him.
But all the pride we have in the world for him
can't drown out the intense pain of separation
or the daunting task of
adjusting to life on the opposite coast of my
first born.
I will miss him more than I can express.
We all will.


Tonkamom said...

I'm sobbing like a baby. I'm right there with you. I'm so sorry :(

Cristie :) said...

UGGHHH.....not sure if I have more tears or snot hitting the keyboard! Dang it! Dang it! Prayers...that's all I can say dear friend...I'm on my knees for you and your lovely family.

jonahbonah said...

Those photos are heart wrenching....God bless you all!!!!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Oh Becca. My heart is so tender toward you and your family right now. May God watch over your brood as they start to spread their wings, and may He give your momma heart extra peace and grace to watch their first attempts at flight.

Mari said...

I am speechless. I am in awe of your ability to capture raw emotion on film. I understand that he is your son and that emotion is true to the heart, but you captured so much more than that. You captured a whole life time of love and what we feel when we must let go. Without even reading what you wrote, I was in tears.
Praying for you family.

Daughter of The King said...

Thinking of you all, dear hard it is on the heart, may the Lord send you the comfort and peace needed. Parenting is a process...a VERY hard one at times. Love the music on you site, you are a blessing to me!

Laura said...

Clearly needed a box of tissues for this one, the pictures totally pull at your heart strings. I know Zack is going to be okay because he has you and David as amazing parents and he has some very awesome siblings.

So weird to not see him on this journey as I remember all the crazy fun the 5 of you had on your last embark that you blogged about.

Zack is going to be fine. Big hugs to you Cleary Family.