Monday, May 4, 2009


I heard about this website though Twitter last month

and have been dying to enter one of their contests.

When I saw this weeks theme, I just had to find something

to put up.

Problem is, Bren has modeled some adorable hats in the last few seasons

and I had a really hard time picking just one!

It came down to a flip of a coin,

and this one won out!

So here is my entry for the kid's contest:

And here is my entry for the adult contest:

This is from a shoot I did with David right after he made Chief

and before his commissioning to Officer.

It was the first and only shoot I've ever done with just David.

I think I need to get him back in front of the camera soon!

If you want to enter your photo in this weeks contest,

just click on the above logo for the

i heart faces website!

Good luck!!!


Life with Kaishon said...

I am SO glad you found this site and entered a picture! It is LOADS of fun! Your little girl is TOO cute : ). And your husband is handsome! Great hat pictures! I think you will love I heart faces! It's a wonderful place!

Carmen said...

Both pictures are beautiful, she is just beautiful and I love her outfit....Your husband is so handsome....

AJ said...

Those are awesome shots!

Hana said...

Great shots!

Joy said...

very nice

Hayley said...

Colorful! That's the immediate word that comes to mind. I love the transition between your two photos...crazy color, then white white. What a handsome photo of your hubby! Great captures.

Cristie :) said...

Oh my gosh! Why in the world is it so difficult to get pics of our guys???? About two months ago I realized I didn't really have any photos in his uniform. Imagine that...the one thing that rules our lives and we have no photos to prove it! I've gotta work harder on changing that! Great always! :)

Becca said...

So glad you entered this week! :-) Great pictures - your little one is so so cute!

Joyce said...

Love the shot of your man .XXOO