Wednesday, May 6, 2009

American Idol top Four

Well, we are down to the top four now
in our journey to find the next American Idol.
This week was rock week, with Slash as the guest mentor.
Let's get down to it:
Adam: Whole Lotta Love
I knew this would be Adam's favorite week,
and I knew we'd see full-blown, rocked out
Adam this week.
What can I say?
He looked and sounded like a Pro!
We wouldn't have expected anything
less from him in this genre
and this late in the game.
Allison: Cry Baby
Hmmmmmm....not really loving it,
but I am digging on her hair
Adam's hair dresser did a great job on her!
She's amazing for a 17 year old, but something
wasn't clicking for me with her on this song.
Kris/ Danny Duet: Renegade
Dang! I was hoping this would rock.
The harmonies did, but there was not enough spark in the
individual vocals.
Valliant effort, but it fell just a bit short for me.
Kris: Come Together
I really liked this!
I thought he brought a nice groove to it.
He looked very comfortable and like
he was having a great time
with this performance.
Sadly, this may not be enough to save him
since his track record proves that
it will be either him or Allison leaving tonight.
Danny: Dream On!
Oh! My ears!!!
I had a knot in the pit of my stomach through the whole song
leading up to the scream.
That scream....epic fail in my book.
I do give him props for trying,
but the scream, the lighting,
everything about the ending of that song
was scary.
Sorry, Danny, I love ya,
but you gotta give me something to work with here.
Anything from Bryan Adams
or like Randy said, another vintage
Aerosmith song
would have been a much better fit for him.
Allison/Adam Duet: Slow Ride
Ok, now we're talking!
This rocked!!
This is my Dad's idol "dream team",
because both of these artists are his favorites this year.
I loved everything about it!
Their repore on stage with each other
was awesome!
There was definitely a mutual respect thing going on there
and it was fun to watch.
I think Adam definitely brought out the best in Allison
and she seemed very comfortable with this song.
I think Simon was right when he said that
Adam may have pulled Allison into the final three
with this performance.
Bottom two:
Kris and
(it hurts sooo much to say this!)
Going home:
What do you think???


momy4him said...

sadly, i agree that it may be kris going home tonight. but then again, america has surprised me before by sending adam into the bottom three, where he never belonged!!

Cheryl said...

I'm so glad all the guys made it. Allison was great tonight!

Joyce said...

You missed the mark this time !!Danny and Cris all the way home XXOO