Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The "R" word.....

Yup! It's time!
Surprisingly enough,
despite the heart palpitations I get
from writing some of my post
or the breathlessness I feel when I read some of
your comments,
Blogging is not a form of cardio excercise!
And although some of my photos
make my heart race,
photo editing does not count toward the recommended
30 minutes of daily excercise
that every American is encouraged to get.
My life has become....*gasp*....
due to a severe case of the new phenomena
called "Bloggers butt",
change is on the horizon.....
Change I can feel!
With the newness of the year
comes a new resolve
to get my butt in shape.
But not just my butt....
the whole family is in on it!
Whether they want to be or not.
We've already heard the complaints about
us not buying the "good" milk
and the fact that there is no more soda
or ice cream in the house.
But, despite all the groaning now,
we are all going to be better for it.
2008 was a very tough year for me
both physically and emotionally.
If you follow my blog you know that
New Year's Eve was the one year anniversary
The recovery has been long and hard
and is still ongoing.
Having spent so many weeks and months
unable to get up and move around,
I'm continually thankful
that most of that is past me now
and I can once again begin to
see the results of my
increased mobility!
I'm not running any distances yet,
but I'm moving with enough
intensity to break a sweat.
It's been a while since I've been able
to tolerate even that small level of intensity
and it feels so good!

We purchased a Wii fit for Christmas
and have really enjoyed that as a family!
If you don't have one
definitely look into it!
My little representative Mii character,
although cute,
well-dressed and benefiting from great hair,
is, sadly,
a bit thicker than I'd like at the moment,
but part of the fun is watching her shrink as I do!
Wii fit has a built in motivating factor because
it allows you to compete against each other
for the best times and scores in various events.
For my family,
this is all the incentive we need
to get us to use it often.
Finally a healthy way to channel all of our competitive spirit!
It's much better than fighting over who gets to ride shot-gun,

(yes, we still have this fight even between three teens!


being seen entering or exiting the back or middle seat of a mini-van

is social death!)

who has the most myspace or facebook friends,
who sent the most text messages that month
or who cleaned their room up the best.
Ok, that last one NEVER happens,
but a girl can dream, right?

And the comedic factor
of watching Michael hula hoop
is worth the cost of this system
and then some!
I haven't laughed so hard in years!
It is truely a sight that must be shared!
I'll capture it and put it on you-tube the next time
I get him on there.
It will quickly become your drug of choice
to cure sadness, boredom,
acute cases of "the blahs",
swimmers ear and hang nails.
And so,
as we begin 2009,
I can proudly say that I've joined
the millions of people
who have made the resolution to get healthy this year.
I feel a little bit more accountable
because I've posted it on the world wide web,
but that's a good thing!
David and I are doing Weight Watchers on our own.
We haven't joined the meetings or the web tools,
but having each other as motivation
is working well for us so far.
We are on Day 13 and so far he's down 15 pounds
(because he's a stinking MAN
and the pounds just fall off of him
whenever he drinks an extra ounce of water!)
and I'm down 9 pounds.
We are currently obsessed with points
and are having fun creating the most filling meal
for the fewest points.
Another great way to let our competitive nature run wild!
We've discovered new ways of choosing food,
have found some really tasty low point snacks
and have been downing water like crazy.
This will most likely be an 8 month or longer journey for me,
so no quick fixes here,
but the "after" is going to be so worth it!
Once I reach my first 25 pound goal,
I'll post before and after comparison photos.
Wish me luck!!!


Don't forget to watch American Idol tonight!!
I'll start the "live-ish" blogging
once we get through all the trial weeks.
Can't wait!!


Heidi said...

Good for You Becca! I wish I had your will power :-)
Heres a good WW snack (for very little points

whole wheat pita bread sliced to 2 circles. a little pizza sauce (or tomato sauce...whatever you have thats 0 points. Lowfat cheese. I cut pepperoni into 1/4's or smaller so its like little bits for more flavor (only like 1 or 1 1/2 slices of pepperoni for each of the circles) and pile on whatever pizza veggies you like cooked in some spray. I use spices too...basil, crushed red pepper, etc. You will be amazed, the points are basically for the cheese & pepperoni. (oh yeah broil the pitas first so they don't get soggy)

Laura said...

Have I said this yet, Im sure its been implied. I totally want to join your family. I love that your all in on this even if there are a few complaints and groaning along the way. I to have bloggers butt...and thighs LoL "butt" no more. The wii fit really does sound like a good idea, maybe I should have invested in that rather then guitar hero:world tour. One day maybe. Cause the wii in general does seem and look and sound like a great and fun system to get you up and moving.

Here is to a thinner and more fit 2009! Id love to hear some of the healthier snack choices you guys are making and well I know id have a few groaning moments about the no soda thing, thats my addiction, bad its true. Ive been trying to stick to juice, water and milk.

Congratz on an amazing start to both you and David!.

Sandi Henderson said...

Oh good for you! I'm in the same boat this year. :) I can't wait to see your future posts on this-everything you write about is inspiring!


Tammy K said...

Congrats Becca! I have been doing WW as well and I'm down 16.4 and have 25 more to go. Heidi's suggestion above is great only I use Flat Out bread (1pt) in the deli section and turkey pepperoni (17 slices is 1pt).