Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gearing up to slide down and silly getting......

The boys loaded up their snowboard gear in the van
early this morning.
It's another snowboard day at Steven's Pass!
I had a request for action shots of the boys,
which I'm dying to do,
but since I've never skied or snowboarded before,
and I'm told that there are no adequate "observation" areas
at the resort,
I'm avoiding a major rescue effort and staying off of the mountain
until we plan a family trip in April.
I'm not sure why I think I'll be able to stand up on skis in April
but somehow I will just feel safer
when there are more family members there
to break my fall!

So, since I can't get action shots,
I was sure to get "unloading" shots!

And "standing with gear" shots.

And, of course, "walking to bus" shots!

I even snapped one of the bus itself,
cause I'm all about the details.

While we waited for the bus to pull away
full of
crazy people who like to slide down steep inclines
at breakneck speed while having small surfboards attached to their feet,
Bren and I planted ourselves
at a window table in the McDonald's across the street,
where she and I ate egg McMuffin sandwhich's
that I will later have to work off!

As we waited,
we became increasingly silly.
Could've been the sugar in the OJ,
could have been the early morning hour,
could've been that it was snowing,
or it could have been that we were
just happy to spend this time together
giggling and making funny faces for the camera.

I tried my best to get us both in the frame
of my 50 mm lens
for mommy-girlie photos,
but I'm not known for my long arms.

I switched to my kit lens which has a bit of a wider angle,
and finally got both our our whole faces in one shot.
But I kinda like the closeness of the other ones better.
We continued our photo shoot in the van,
posing and snapping away
while we waited for the frozen van to warm up.
Bren loves turning the camera on me,
and she took a few before we drove off for home.

Just before we left, right in front of where we were parked
were two couples sitting in a booth by the window
cracking up laughing at Bren and I doing a photo shoot in the van!
We waved at them, Bren blew them a kiss, and we were off!
Who knows what they thought,
and who cares, right?
You have to risk humiliation sometimes to make great memories.
Bren had a blast,
and that's all that mattered on this cold snowy morning
in a cozy McDonalds by the highway.
Soon enough, she's the one that is going to put a stop
to public silliness with mom.
So, I'm getting all the silly I can get
while the silly getting is good!
If you don't regularly indulge....
try it,
I guarantee you'll be better for it!


Jes said...

Girl you look awesome! Do you kiddos know what a cool Mom you are? I want to come hang out with you at McDonalds too.

Laura said...

Yay for Becca shots! Thanks Bren for turning the camera on mommy!. Hooray for sillyness! those are some great shots you got and the memory behind it will be all the more fun when your looking back on them or even talking about them next week!. Can't wait for the action shots!!

mackey said...

I am all about the silliness & my heart hurts for the people that don't have that silly stuff in their lives. the song. I loooove The Rodfather=)
Finally seen him in concert 2 years ago. THE best concert i have ever seen & I have seen a lot of concerts.
Have a beautiful silly Sunday!

Katey said...

CUTE!! pics I so wish! I was putting my kids on the bus to go ski..or board as the case may be...I have to go with :(
wsa that Nic in the first shot?all the boys look alike now a days LOL

The Perfect Trio said...

how much fun??!!!!! i sure wish my mom was that cool!....and i hope to be as cool of a mom!

Mari said...

So sweet!