Thursday, May 15, 2008

Vitamin D!!!!

As promised, the sun made it's first appearance in almost a week!
It is a balmy 75 degrees outside and the kids are making the most of it.
Bren and Miss K are at the park with a few neighbor mom's. It was too long of a walk involving hilly terrain for me to make comfortably while my ankle is still healing, so I didn't tag along this time.
The boys are out playing basketball across the street and Madison and I just came in from the deck.
If the weather man is right we'll be soaking in as much of the sun as we can for the next four days!
I usually love Thursdays because of the shows that come on, but I especially love it tonight because it's DATE NIGHT!!!
I'm so excited!
David is taking me to Claim Jumpers for our last date before his deployment.
We are going to see Narnia with the kids tomorrow and we may try to make a trip to see a bit of Seattle on Saturday, so tonight was the only open night for us to go.
Check out the menu here:
It looks great, huh?


Kelly @ Love Well said...

First: Look at how blue the sky looks in your pictures! Wow! I've only been to the Seattle area a couple of times in my life, and I maintain that NOTHING can beat a sunny, clear day in the Pacific Northwest. It's just too bad they don't get more.

Second: We used to eat a Claim Jumper's all the time when we lived in SoCal. It was one of our favorite places to take visitors. "You won't believe the size of the baked potatoes! And the seven-layer cake is like two feet tall! And darn good, too!"

You'll have to tell me about your experience.

Baby Go Retro said...

Isn't it AMAZING!! Grab your Vitamin D while you can..hey we are hitting Seattle next weekend to see Cirque for Mads birthday present on Saturday afternoon but have all Saturday morning clear...wanna join us and hit Pike's place or something..a little touristy thing?? Sheila

Baby Go Retro said...

Oh..and I forgot to say..I LOVE claim Jumper..anytime you want to take me on date night to Claim Jumper I am can talk about Dave the whole time..I don't care..just feed me Clain Jumper! I wish you guys the best ever date night..give David our best as well on his deployment...tell him to stay away from trouble and that we hope the time Flies by so he can be at home with you guys..


Mari said...

Ah, you couldnt go last weekend?? We were there LAST weekend..if you like Clam Digger...gotta check out the Crap Pot located on the pier..