Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lake Stevens

I was thinking the other day that in our entire married life, this is the farthest away we have ever lived from the Ocean.
I really do miss it.
I'm a beach girl
and while I'm not fond at all of being in a swim suit,
I am very fond of walking on the sand picking up shells,
running from the waves as they crash on the shore threatening to soak me to my knees,
sitting on a blanket and watching the dolphins put on a show as the sun goes down,
photographing the kids as they boogie board or build sand castles ...
all of that is right up my alley.
Where I grew up in Pensacola, Florida, we lived about 15 minutes from the Gulf of Mexico.
I remember going as a family after dinner to walk on the soft white sand of the beach at sunset.
I did lots of adolescent "thinking" during those walks.

When we lived in Georgia, we were about 30 minutes from the beach.
As a young mom, my kids and I would meet friends at the beach and we'd stay all day.
The kids would play in the surf while my friends and I relaxed on the sand and had girlfriend chats while our skin turned a golden brown.

When we moved to California, we discovered a whole other world of beaches.
These beaches were made for exploring and their breathtaking scenery just cried out to be photographed.
We had so much fun playing in the tide pools and sitting by bonfires while a guitar softly played for us and we sang songs like "God of Wonders".

When we moved to Rhode Island we were surrounded by the stunning beauty of the ocean. Walking along the cliff walk which dropped into the ocean on one side and was backdropped by mansions from the guilded age on the other, became a favorite thing to do.

Yup. The ocean's shore has always played a big role in my life,

and while I really do miss it's vastness, I just can't deny the beauty that we have here.

The snow capped mountains hemmed by tall evergreens make a striking scene, don't they?

This is Lake Stevens. We plan to enjoy it as often as we can.


JOY said...


Baby Go Retro said...

Oh sweets..I am surrounded by beaches here..come play for a weekend..anytime..when the sun shines would be best..I need you as a photo guru to shoot some clothes too (not that..that is why I want you to come hang) so let me entertain you and the kids and also take you to some local beaches..wanna make it a weekend?? We can set up the tent again for the boys..and just have a relaxed beach, lake, backyard time...

Lake Stevens looks fab as well! I have never been..so you will have to invite us!

We are hitting Seattle this weekend..not last..and decided to go to the aquarium instead of the zoo since the school is going on that adventure..if you are in..call me at home and I will give you my cell so we can hook up...

You already have a friend..I know I am not your norm..but I am damn cool! ha ha!


Laura said...

HOLY!!! Enjoy it!. Looks lovely. As do the other pictures of beaches you have been to in the past. They are all just breath taking places.

Cheryl said...

Could you have picked a more beautiful place to live? Wow is right!

One of my favorite bloggers lives in your town. I just told her about you. Here's the link to her blog: http://themoohaa.blogspot.com/ Actually, here's the links to my other friends in your area.

One of these days I want to travel to meet them in person. Maybe we could all meet up at the lodge when The Pioneer Woman opens it up for visitors.

Carrie said...

Wow, how beautiful. I've been to Seattle, it truly is a remarkable place and the climate is incredible. I'm sure you will enjoy the lake as much as you have the beaches.

Anonymous said...

Amazing pictures. Willing to share what program you use to edit your pics? I sure wish you were a little closer then 12 hours. I need a photographer.

Moohaa said...

Hi! I'm Kelly from themoohaa that Cheryl just recommended. I'm in Marysville as well. Lake Stevens is gorgeous, isn't it? I know several great beaches in the area (mostly Everett/Lynnwood area. If you'd like to know more, just let me know.

Welcome to the neighborhood!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Love the pictures. I haven't always lived near the ocean, but I have always lived near water. (Except for 8 of the longest months of my life when we lived in Phoenix. YUCK!) Can't live without water.

But is Seattle that far from the ocean, really?

Mo said...

I found you through Cheryl's blog and just saw in her comment, she gave you a link to my blog too.

I wanted to welcome you to the Washington area. I've lived here for almost 8 years and I am still amazed at the natural beauty.

I look forward to checking in on your life and adventures in the future!

Cindy D. said...

I've been away from blog-land for several weeks and wow - you've made your move, made new friends, made your new home! Loved seeing the pictures of the trip 'cross the country -- thanks for blogging it.

Rebekah said...

That is so incredibly beautiful - if you can't have the ocean, this is an amazing substitute.