Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Blue Skies!!

So just in case you were wondering if those blue skies I posted in my last post about the road to Marysville were actually the last ones we'd seen, here are a few fun photos of our visit to the park on Sunday after church.

Note the gorgeous blue skies!
The weather here has really been surprisingly beautiful for the most part.
There were a few dismal days when I started to worry if I could really live here for three or four whole years, but the sun still broke through long enough to keep me from throwing myself off of the nearest bridge!

There was one bizzare day last week when it was 53 degrees outside and hailing!
People were walking around in the parking lot of Target wearing tank tops and capris and they were being pelted with marble sized balls of ice!

I've been told that we have moved here at the right time.
Everything is in bloom and most of the gloomy-all-day days are suposed to be over for a bit.

It does make me think twice though when almost everyone who knows that we are new arrivals says something like, "Welcome to the cold, wet northwest!"
As someone whose mood is greatly affected by the weather, a comment like that strikes fear and dread into my very soul.

But, I'm not thinking about that now.
For now, we've got lots of blue or spotty blue skies and weather that is warm enough to go out and play in.
The trees are in bloom, the grass is green, the birds are all out singing in the morning and the flower pots on everyone's porches are overflowing with color.

So far the northwest is not wet and cold for us.
So far it's like a present waiting to be opened.
A new adventure everyday.
Something new to find, some place new to explore, someone new to trade smiles with.
So far the northwest is green and pleasant
and I'm stocking up on as much of that as I can get!!

For those of you who have been following this blog for a while, you know how big of a deal it was for Bren to come across this little guy!
It was fun to see Bren find something familiar to her.

And even funner for David and I to find something familiar for us!!!
Our FAVORITE beverage, ev-ah!!!
If you have not had an Orange Dream Machine from Jamba Juice you have soooooo much more living to do!
If you have experienced this heavenly concoction, then you know what I'm talking about.
Add an immunity boost and it will cure all that ails ya!


The Bean said...

Oh I love the swingset shots. I'm totally stealing your idea and going to try that later this summer.

So glad you are finally settled. Its been so much fun being able to read about your trip x-country! Thanks so much for sharing it!!!!!!


momy4him said...

sounds like you are settling in nicely. so glad you are finally home!! now you need to change the location on your profile ;)

Baby Go Retro said...

People try to scare ua newcomers..this is the most amazingly beautiful spot..you will discover this each day. Stock in the vitamin D but even the winter's aren't so bad..if I can survive it you certianly can..just come on over when you are feeling blue and we can sit by the sunlamp this together! I am glad you all have arrived safely and are discovering the beauties of WA! We are supposed to have lovely weather this weekend..will you be able to make it over to our island for the party..figuring numbers tonight! And btw I think you are looking at it..that is us..beyond that small island..just a small sound in between! Sheila

Christy said...

Oh I just LOVE your pictures! Glad to know you have blue skies.

chasnlndsy said...

If it gets too gloomy just come over to our side of the mtns. its sunny ALL THE TIME :) and stevens pass is SOO pretty during the summer. WIth all the waterfalls. All the good fishing lakes are in the middle of the state. There is a fish hatchery down hwy 2 before you start going up the pass. ANyway glad your getting settled!!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Jamba Juice rocks. My stand-by favorite is Peach Pleasure. (Or peach happiness, as my daughter likes to say.) But lately, I've been getting the Strawberry Surfrider a lot. It's like summer in an insulated cup.

Jamba Juice is a great antidote to seasonal affect disorder, by the way.

uniquefavors said...

So happy to see you are settling in nicely. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Your pictures are beautiful as always! We've missed you on the boards so hope to see you back in soon. Enjoy your sunny days! I am definately not a winter cold weather person either!

Anonymous said...

Hey Becca! Welcome to the Northwest - the spectacular views on a clear day make it all worth the grey ones ;)

I'm just down the road from you in Mill Creek (south of Everett on I-5), maybe we can get together!

Bren would love the Imagine Children's Museum in Everett- your older ones will bore quickly but the little ones love it - we have a family pass and I will be in and out of the OB down at Providence all summer so we'll be there a lot!

(kathryn rose designs)

Joyce said...

You take BLUE sky were ever you go Rebecca ,If there not there you"ll find them .XXOO