Wednesday, March 31, 2010

American Idol Top 10!!

Well, it's that time of year again!!
I'm excited to start blogging about
this season's top 10!
Tonight's theme: R&B
Mentor: Usher
( I can't hear that Usher song that they opened with
without thinking of Hitch and
wanting to do that crazy dance
no matter what Will Smith tells me I should be doing!)

First up: Siobhan
song: Through The Fire
I'm glad Usher gave her wardrobe advice.
Judging from what she practiced in
I bet he was afraid that she would
go full on Molly Ringwald from
Pretty in Pink
when she performed tonight.
His advice toned her down a bit,
but unfortunately could not help
her vocals tonight.
She's soooo not R&B
even with Missy Elliot boots on!
Randy is right....
this song was well within her range
and she should have slayed it,
but her efforts tonight were
awkward and screechy.
But we did get that token
(albeit annoying)
high note at the end.
Next up: Casey
Song: Hold On, I'm Comin'
Casey goes back to his blues roots tonight
and Killed it!!!!
I loved his vocals and
his shiny red guitar.
I do think he's still a little stiff
on stage,
but I'm guessing that he'll
loosen up more as the season
goes on.
Next up: Mike (AKA: Big Mike)
Song: Ready For Love
I thought Mike sang this song
really well tonight,
but it was a little sleepy for me
at the beginning.
He definitely got better toward the
second half of the song though.
Everytime they show his wife
on camera, all I can think about is,
"Where is that baby girl, and how do you
look so put together?"
If I had to be on camera
that soon after giving birth,
and especially with my first baby,
while my husband was away
for long days of rehersals,
ya'll would be lucky
not to see me in my nursing gown
with last nights make-up still
caked under my tired eyes!!
No smiling, no clapping,
just sleep deprived rants about
swollen breasts and 2 am feedings,
I don't care what song you are singing to me!
Bonus points for pulling it together
for national television, Mike's wife!
Next up: DiDi
Song: What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted
She is my dsughter Madison's favorite girl
this season.
I'm really not happy with this performance
which is a shame because
I really do like her voice.
She's lost herself I think and
I hope she finds that vibe she had
at the beginning
because I would hate to see
her go so soon.
I have to admit
that I was holding my breath
during her whole performance
because I was afraid she was
going to burst into tears.
Randy is right again...
this was momentless.
And boo for Ryan trying
to draw out raw emotion from her tonight.
Doesn't he know that it is very rare
for girls to "cry pretty"
and the last thing you want on national television
is you standing there with a contorted face
and a mixture of snot and tears
running down your face!
He just would not let that go
would he?!
Next up: Tim (AKA Teflon Tim)
Song: Sweet Love
Oh Tim, Tim, Tim!!!!
I'm really starting to feel sorry for him.
Even after a lesson on smoldering and swooning
from Usher,
the boy still manages to suck the swagger
right out of a great song.
But, he is adorable....
to me he looks like a mixture of
my two boys,
but like I tell them...
that pretty smile, great hair,
and sparkling baby blues
can only get you so far.
At some point you have to back that up
with talent.
As a side note,
I think there should be a drinking game
for every time Simon says
"Current or Contemporary",
but then everyone would be too drunk to vote
at the end of the show
so maybe that isn't a good idea.
Next up: Andrew
Song: Forever
Andrew delivers a straight up solid performance!!
I love this guys tone!
I disagree that he is boring.
I really think he gives off a
very cool, mellow vibe
that works for him.
Next up: Katie
Song: Chain of Fools
I just have to say that I am so sick
of hearing this song on AI!
It seems like we were bombarded with this tune
during auditions every year.
Enough already!!
Ok, rant over....
I did actually like this tonight.
I didn't love it,
but I don't think it was as bad as last week.
I do think she is in the top 2 or 3
when it comes to confidence on stage.
I do think that her dad is safe to
forego the barstool
and watch elimination night tomorrow.
It shouldn't be her leaving.
Christina???!! Really, Randy?
I have to disagree,
and we were so in synch tonight Dawg!
Next up: Lee
Song: Treat her Like A Lady
Lee is my favorite guy this season.
Love his voice,
love his backstory,
love his attitude,
love his hair,
love him!!!
I am going to go ahead and predict
that he is the last boy standing this season.
Hsi performance tonight was absolutely incredible!
I'm so glad that he is beginning to realize
how good he really is!
Next up: Crystal
Song: Midnight Train To Georgia
Crystal is my favorite girl this season.
She has so much incredible raw talent.
While not my favorite from her
I think she did really well
showing another side of herself tonight.
Her vocals were strong enough on their own,
so I agree with Simon
about the back up singers.
And bonus points for not falling on those heels!!
Next up: Aaron
Song: Ain't No Sunshine
He's definitely got a great voice,
but I wanted to love this performance
way more than I did.
I don't think he hit the
"I know, I know, I know......."
part like Usher coached him to
and like we were all waiting for.
I think Aaron's still a little raw,
but he could surprise us
over the next few weeks.
Phrase of the night:
"Gilding the lilly"....
What it means: A lilly was an ornamental decoration
which did not need further improvement or embellishment.
Gilding the lilly means to add to an already perfect thing.
Winner tonight: Lee
Bottom three:
Going home:
Until next week....
peace out music fans!

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