Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Idol Top 9

I hate going from Idol post to Idol post
with no post in between,
but it's just been that kind of week!
So here we go
American Idol Top 9
Lennon/McCartney week.
Long and Winding Road
I agree with Ellen,
this was the long and winding song!
I didn't like it at all
and I thought he was shaky
through the whole thing.
Definitely an off night for Aaron.
Let it Be
This is my favorite performance to date
from Katie.
I did hear a lean towards country
in her vocals tonight
so I agree with Simon,
forget Cristina and Fergie
country is the way Katie should go!
Can't Buy Me Love
Whenever I hear this song
it reminds me of the movie
"Can't Buy Me Love'
with pre-McDreamy Patrick Dempsey!
Loved that movie!
No matter what Andrew sings
I just like his tone so much.
He's very "relevant" as the judges would say.
It wasn't my favorite song on him,
but I think he has soooo much potential.
Eleanor Rigby
I actually liked this tonight.
It was good to see Mike take on
something dramatic and pull it off.
He's confident on stage
and always delivers a solid performance,
but I just can't get into him
for the long haul.
He shouldn't go yet, but he wont win.
Come Together
Do we really need to keep going with this competition?
Let's just get it down to Lee and Crystal
and see what happens!
Crystal rocked it tonight!
Perfect song,
awesome performance,
slammin' vocals...
where do I buy my ticket?
All My Lovin'
Ok, much better than last week,
but still a little
cruise ship to me.
I'm glad he got a nod from Simon though,
it's hard to get beat up week after week
and keep that 1,000 kilowatt smile going.
Too bad it's not "smile idol".
Jealous guy
My absolute favorite from him!
I loved his look tonight.
The golden locks let loose
works for him
and so did this song!
Top three for sure!
Across The Universe
This song was sooo boring,
but it gave me a chance to try to
figure out what the girl was wearing!
It ws like she woke up and couldn't decide
between Madonna, southern belle,
biker chic or business woman,
so she just put it all on!
The outfit was definitely more interesting than the song.
I'm not sure what Siobhan is doing,
but she's losing momentum big time.
No scream though....
thanks girl!
Hey Jude
I love this song
and I loved it on him!
He's just such an honest
humble guy and I love his raspy voice.
I'd buy his CD today!
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Sturgmom said...

Stopping by from Boomama's blog.

Sometimes I wish we could kick off 2 or 3 each week so that we can just get down to business with the real contenders.

I'd like to see SIobahn go, but even more than that I'd like to see Aaron go.

Tim's a cutie. Not the best singer, but more entertaining than Siobahn and Aaron, IMHO.