Thursday, September 6, 2007

Spider Hunting!!!!

As my grandmother can definitely tell you, Bren loves looking at spiders! Great Nana, as we lovingly call her, stayed with us for the month of July here in Rhode Island. She and Bren quickly found an activity that came to be called Spider hunting. They would go out into the yard in the mornings and would search for spiders who has spun new webs. What would give me shivers down my spine occupies Bren for a good 20 minutes. She will hunt all over until she's found a web and then she'd be so excited over it!

Now she wont get too close and she's not much for touching the spider or web, but she sure is fascinated by them!

I knew she'd have a ball with this photoshoot as soon as I saw the t-shirt!

1 comment:

Cyn said...

Adorable outfit and just ready for Halloween.

You're an amazing photographer - your photos are awesome.