Thursday, September 27, 2007

Practicing what I preach!!!

OK, I hate, I mean really HATE my picture taken! I used to love it when I was about 10 years younger, 30 pounds thinner and required way less photoshoping! But it's just depressing!
But, I am a big encourager of moms getting in the photographs with their kids often enough that their kids can look back and see mom with them as they grow up.
Too many of us give in to our insecurities and hide behind the camera or place a kid in front of us if we can't possibly avoid the camera..... and it's completely conceiveable for years to go by without a photo of mom just being mom!
That's pretty sad!
Since one of my reasons for doing the type of photography that I do is to have something to look back on 10, 20, 50 years from now and get a glimpse of the personalities and connections that make your family special, it's important to me that I capture not just kids...but families too...including moms!
So, deep breath.....I guess if I believe it's important for you to be captured on camera for memories sake, then ...sigh....I guess I have to let myself be captured too, huh?
My budding photographer, Madison, cornered me while we were on a family hike yesterday. I made a conscious decision to cooperate with her because I don't want her to ever think that she needs to hide from the camera until she is perfect. So here I am....imperfections glarring...well, sorta. A little photoshoping took some of the wrinkles from my eyes.
I'm not quite ready for complete honesty yet!

Madison did a good job, huh? She took these in complete manual mode and set the aperature, shutter speed and focus all on her own!
It's so fun to watch her work and see what she takes photos of. I'll post a bunch of her photos soon. Some of them are very good. She's got an eye and that just can't be taught!


Cyn said...

OH my, this is such a true post - I'm usually the one behind the camera and we often come back from vacation and I wonder if I was even there :)

Great photos, BTW!

Cheryl said...

Great pictures of you. If only we could photoshop the wrinkles away in real life!

Joyce said...

Now! isn't she LOVELY:-)

mackey said...

I loathe my pic being taken too but I try to do it once in awhile.
The thought of something happening to me & my kids not having pics of me is heartbreaking. So, though I need to lose about 75lbs & I am getting wrinkles.....I am me. I am Mom.

BTW....I think you are neautiful. Go Girl!