Friday, September 21, 2007

Amusing Bren!!!

Well, it's really no surprise, but it seems we've got another thrill seeker on our hands!
We spent last Saturday at Six Flags New England and David and I were able to spend the whole day with Bren. It was like having just one child all over again...except of course for the phone calls begging for money that we kept getting from our other kids who were strewn around the park!
Bren had the best time and loved anything fast, bumpy or twisty! It was interesting though because while I was happy just to enjoy the sensations of the ride, she asked a million questions about why we were moving the way we were. "What is turning us?" "How are we twisting?" "Where are the wheels?" It seems that my happy-go-lucky attitude may have been lost on this one. She's definitely into why and how things are happening. At one point she was so fascinated by the gears she was seeing below us that she said, "Mom, you watch the trees, I'm looking at these turning thingies!" when I kept trying to draw her attention to the fabulous view we were getting from our vantage point high over the trees!

Checking out what is making her horse go up and down!!

This was Bren all day long.....hyper speed!!!!

If we stay in one place long enough, Bren has a tendency to adopt a grandparent or aunt/uncle. Here in Rhode Island, it's Mr. Dale. She LOVES him!!! When I ask her why, she says that he plays fun throwing games and makes her laugh when he catches the ball. And he did too...for at least an hour or two during a concert that we went to see at Six Flags.

And she enjoyed every minute of it!! Thanks Mr. Dale!!

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