Thursday, April 22, 2010

Best of the West {part two}

As parents, we all know how fast our kids grow.
As I've learned this week while going through
lots of old photos,
capturing those moments is so
You will want to remember
their crooked smile,
the wave in their hair,
their tiny fingers and toes,
the innocent or mischievious look in their eyes.
Nothing can give those years back to you
like an album full of photos!
I will be booking sessions in the
Annapolis/Baltimore area
beginning May 22nd.
Book before July 31st for my special
"new in town" prices.
Let's get to know each other!
{Pass this on to your MD friends and family!}


BethAnn said...

I love that BOTH of my kiddos made your "best of the west" list :) We think they are very special little people, but you surely did put a spotlight on their beauty! BIG leg HUGS!!

Cristie :) said... after you made the comment let's get to know one another I expected to scroll down and see the amazing pics of your BIOLOGICAL kids...a surprise to see my little man right up top followed by Miss Thang! What a great feeling just as BA said to make that list. Might I you spoke about crooked smiles and physical changes I thought of you. We continue to change in our lives...not just when we're little..but until we meet our heavenly father. Each phase a step into who we will be in the future. I sure hope you're at that point where you are grateful for those changes...for your different(in your words) but none the less GORGEOUS smile! I miss you dear friend! =)