Friday, December 14, 2007

Winter Wonderland

The first major snowfall of the season decended upon us yesterday and boy did we enjoy it!

Zach was the first home from school 2 hours early. He and a friend ( also from Florida and new to snow!) immediately jumped on the sleds I had just bought at Target that morning. At this point it had only been snowing for about an 2 hours. I was about 30 minutes away in Dartmouth, Mass getting some winter gear when the snow first started falling. It was a very scary drive home, but I just took a cue from the locals and followed in their tire tracks even if they crossed the white dotted lines. It seems that the rule is if you can't see the lines, they dont really matter!
I also only drove about 20 mph.....I figured my Florida License plate gave me a pass on that!

About 3 hours after the snow had begun falling...we've got about 3-4 inches here. It was falling at a rate of 1-2 inches an hour!

David tried to get a jump on the driveway and shoveled it off each time 3-4 inches had accumulated.

Michael and Madison had an early dismissal from school as well. They came home at about 2 pm and also headed straight out with Bren to play in the snow.

The snow stopped falling at about 10:00 pm. Here is what it looked like this morning. We got 8-9 inches in our area. It is supposed to be 39 degrees today, so I'm not sure how much will melt off. Tomorrow's high is 29 and then Sunday we should get another storm. A Noreaster this time which are usually longer and more spread out storms instead of the intense compact system that we just experienced.

The kids went to school as normal this morning! I could not believe it! I thought for sure that school would at least be delayed if not canceled, but these New Englanders are built for this kind of stuff! The roads look great this morning and the buses are running on time!
Hopefully enough snow will remain today for us to build a snowman! First I've got to venture out to find better gloves for Bren. Her's kept falling off and her little hands were freezing!
I'll post more pics of the snow as I get them!

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