Monday, December 3, 2007

Baby, it's cold outside!

I don't think there is anything quite as funny as seeing six southerners making a mad dash from the house to the van to go to church on Sunday morning when it is 21 degrees outside!

The van is just a few feet from the front door, but you would think we'd just walked 2 miles in a blizzard from the way we were bouncing up and down and rubbing our (un-gloved....ooops!) hands together once we got in the van!

We just sat there wriggling different parts of our bodies trying to generate enough heat to think clearly, way too cold to form words. I flipped the heat on to 90 degrees full blast and we sat there until the van warmed up. The teeth chattering gave way to comments of disbelief of our ability to handle the next three months!

From the still frigid back seat, Zach said, "Ok, so how are we going to get from the van into the church when we get there?!"

That comment said it all!
I guess for the next three months, our main concern is going to be how to get from warmth, through the frozen tundra and back to warmth again without getting frost bite!

Guess what we got last night?!!

Our first snow!!!
We only got about a quarter of and inch and it was gone by morning. Bren still made snow angels on the deck!

Michael found a leaf frozen solid in a piece of ice!


We are expecting snow flurries for the next three days, but it's doubtful that any of it will result in enough to play in for long.


Joyce said...

LOL Very funny ,Here is a pointer ,Send Zack out 10 m a head to warm the van up, At 16 this is an opertunity to get that time in the drivers set!

momy4him said...

loved catching up on your blog! i missed a lot! glad it's you braving the cold and not me! we are loving our 65 degrees over here :)
your photos are wonderful as always! miss you!

Mari said...

OOOOOo brr...just think in a couple months it wont be as cold!!