Friday, December 14, 2007

Snow People!

So making snow people in the yard is alot like making sand people at the beach, except that your fingers and toes take hours to thaw out after you're done! And on the flip side, you aren't digging sand out of every nook and cranny for days afterward!
Meet Harriet the snow baby!

And Henrietta, the snow momma!

And Brendell, their designer.....

There's nothing quite as rewarding as taking the time to build memories like these even when you'd much rather be inside snuggled up in the warm house with a cup of hot coco!
Every once in a while it hits David and I of all that we'd be missing out on if we didn't have little Bren in our lives. The other three were off with their friends tonight....and they'd never be caught dead romping around in the snow in their front yard with mom and dad! We'd have missed all the laughter we had tonight making these two snow people.
The magic of Santa would not be a part of our lives anymore since the other three are long past that stage. Playing candy land and memory would be a thing of the past. We wouldn't get big goodnight hugs and kisses anymore or have a little hand to hold when in a crowd. Gone would be the sweet, warm little body that snuggles up in bed with me in the morning while the older kids busy themselves getting ready for school. We'd have no construction paper art work on our fridge. The words "hot", "hat" and "dog", Bren's first self written words, would not be proudly enscribed on just about every flat surface of our home. We'd have no dancing around in tu-tus and no tea parties with pretend crumpetts.
Even though our life presents some unique challenges because of the 12 years that separates our oldest from our youngest and the seven years that separate Bren from the pack, just look at how much she has enriched our lives!
How blessed we are to have each of our children and how awesome God's timing was to give us such a precious gift long after we thought the party was over!

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