Saturday, December 8, 2007

Skunk tracks!!

We joke around that this place should be called "Skunk Island" for all the skunk we see here, both road kill and still roaming around.
There is one that lives under our trash shed beside our drive way. We've seen him twice as he's scurried back to safety when we drive up the hill to the house.
Bren now tells everyone ( I mean EVERYONE...waitresses, the pastor, her Sunday school teacher, any of Madison's friend's moms who come to pick up their daughters, the cashier at the store...absolutely everyone she meets!) that we have a "pet skunk that lives under our trash cans!"
Here is proof that he's out and about at night time!
We found lots of deer tracks too!

We woke up to what seemed to us to be a winter wonderland left behind by a blizzard....but to the locals, it was just a thin dusting that burned off by 10 am.

We had fun though!!! We explored the yard in our PJ's and winter coats looking for tracks and taking pictures of the winter magic!

Madison's friend Erin spent the night and though she was born here, was just as excited to explore as we were!


Dana said...

Inspiring photography. I'll have to take the camera out tomorrow. Today I'm busy crafting and baking and mothering and laughing . . . and lounging.

lovely blog! I'll be back. :)

Laura said...

The pic of Bren in her winter coat is amazin. This is why I want to start learning to take better pics cause when you got kids you get an amazing shot everytime!! something to treasure forever!

Even somthing as simple as your "pet skunk" tracks are lovely