Thursday, December 20, 2007

At Home with Bren......

I've decided that I need to take more photos documenting everyday things instead of just modeling photos or photos where we are doing some sort of special activity. The whole basis of my photography philosophy is to capture connections, relationships and personalities so that our stories can be told to future generations. Aren't our real stories best told in the normalcy of ordinary everyday home life? Where else are we more real?

So, in keeping with what I love best about being a photographer, I'm going to dedicate myself to telling the story of our everyday home life here with my crazy family of six by snapping at least one photo everyday depicting just plain old life with the Clearys.


My challenge to you for the new year is to do the same! Get out your camera and snap at least one photo everyday. Ten, Twenty years from now those photos will be such a gift and you will be so happy you saw beauty in the ordinary!


We'll start with yesterday..... This is Bren being Bren. No designer clothes, no studio lights....just Bren and one of her dolls dancing around the living room.

I think Bren might just be the thirstiest girl in the universe! She's constantly asking for a drink. Her favorite is, "Apple juice in a blue cup." But a red cup had to do for today.

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Laura said...

Okay even your simple everyday life photos I am blown away by just how amazingly incredible they are!. Bren twirling is probably one of my favorites. Something so simple as this and your right, years down the road these will be as stunning to look at then as they are right now.