Saturday, October 27, 2007

I've been tagged!! 7 Things About Myself....

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Lisa the Domestic Diva tagged me......

7 things about me.

1. I cannot sing! I think that I was not given this gift because if I had, I would be on stage somewhere decked out in a strappy sequin dress every night crooning my songs and it would totally go straight to my head and I would be impossible to live with! Strangely enough, I also think that this is why I was not blessed with a tall, lean body with beautiful curves. I would be in a bikini in the frozen food section of Super Stop and Shop! It's nice to know that my lack of talent and "mom of four" body is what is keeping me from making a total fool of myself, huh?

2. As hard as it is to be a military wife and have to move so often, I secretly love it because I enjoy meeting new people and exploring new places. I can feel myself getting a little antsy if I've lived somewhere for more than two years. Because my husband is in the Navy we've really been able to see and do more things than I ever thought I'd do and see and I'm thankful for that. I definitely miss the friends I leave behind and on many levels, I miss the traditional stability that my family could have, but few things delight me more than going where I've never been and making my mark there.

3. My husband and I met in a dance club in Pensacola, Florida called Rum Runners. This surprises most people who know us today, but he had a promising career as a hip hop dancer with MTV but decided to join the Navy instead. I, on the other hand, cannot dance. Refer to item number one for my theory on the reason why I was not given this gift either!

4. I celebrated my 30th birthday (yikes...SEVEN years ago!) by skydiving in Daytona Beach, Florida with my two brothers and one of my cousins. It was a completely exhilarating and surprizingly peaceful experience! David and I are planning to do it again...possibly with Zach for his 18th birthday!

5. I'd love to be on the Amazing Race with my husband. We often refer to how great we'd be on that show what with his navigation skills and my ability to take his direction while driving. Too bad I can't run for the life of me...but I'm sure we could make up for that with our wit, charm and deceptive game play. Hey, who needs to be as fast as a gazelle when you can be as sly as a fox? We've been talking about auditioning since season 1 so keep just might see us on there in an future season!

6. I feel most at peace and most inspired when I'm near the Ocean. I don't have to literally be rolling around in the sand on the beach, but anywhere where I can see, hear or smell the Ocean is a great place for me to be. I also love to take scenic walks with my family just before the sun sets. Being somewhere beautiful just makes me happy.

7. I'm a BIG procrastinator! It seems to be an insurmountable obstacle for me. It's almost like planning ahead will kill me! LOL! At some level, I must thrive on the stress that being up against a deadline creates for me because I am constantly putting myself there. I don't know if it is because I've got my spoons in too many pots, if I can't bring my mouth to form the word "no", or if what I'm experiencing is normal for a sahm of four busy kids and an emerging business, but I'm always up against the buzzer! Constantly running around at the last minute.
I love the idea of being prepared and organized and ahead of the game....and I will intend to be that way, really, I will. But, when the deadline comes, there I am, all wild-eyed and breathless, sliding in just under the tag!
If anyone knows any good books or methods to help in this area.....leave me a comment about it and I'll check it out. Really, I will!

Ok, so there you have a glimpse into me.
Now, I'm gonna tag 7 others.....

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I can't wait to check out your 7 things, ladies!!!


Baby Go Retro said...

Brat! Okay I played along. You are nuts to skydive!! Crazy girl!!


Lisa domesticdiva said...

ROTFLMAO at the procrastination...believe it or not, I have the SAME problem...water seeks its own level...KWIM?

Cheryl said...

Hey Becca,

I'm notoriously bad at these things-- just ask my friends! I do have good intentions. Does that count? Of course, I love reading what everyone else has to say. If you read this post:
you'll find out more than 7 interesting or weird things about me.

BTW, I have your site in my Google Reader so I know when you add a new post. I always look forward to seeing what you have to say and admiring your wonderful pictures.

FirstGradeTeacher said...

I remember Run Runners when I was in the Navy back in 1990. Fell for a waitress there named Patricia Higdon. God I miss those days....

PamperingBeki said...

Hey, nice music. ;-)

I'm completely with you on numbers 5 and 7! Hey, if we can't get our men to go on AR with us, we should go together. haha!! "Becca and Beki - met online"