Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I feel like I've come full circle in the e-bay boutique world.
For those of you who have followed my journey, you know that it has been a wild ride! When we found out that our forth child would be a girl, I started searching for unique clothing and accessories for her. While searching, I stumbled upon the e-bay boutique community where I found everything I was looking for and more! I soon began designing my own accessories and using Bren and Madison as my models. My designs were carried in several boutiques in Southern California, New York, Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Colorado and Western Canada.
As my photography improved, so did the requests from other designers to use Bren as a model for their auctions and websites. Modeling/photography soon took the place of accessory designing. Now a year and a half later, we have modeled for over 60 designers and 8 websites!
I've met so many awesome women in this tight knit community! We've even made a trip to New York to attend an annual BBQ called "Summer in the City". The event is put on by an e-bay designer and it's purpose is to bring us all together in one place to celebrate our successes that year and to meet in person.
I've particularly been inspired by a few other model moms on e-bay, several of whom have gone on to have thriving photography businesses in their home towns.
I always knew that I enjoyed photography and it was my answer when someone would ask, "What is your dream job?". I always thought that I'd have to wait until the kids were grown....well, on the way to getting that done, we had Bren...so I thought I'd wait another 10-15 years or so and then start chasing my dream. The photographer moms I met really proved to me that I could incorporate being a mom to four busy kids and my dream chasing into one big, full, happy life!
And so I began to concentrate on my photography skills and portfolio building.
Limelight31 was launched this year as a natural progression of my talent. It's definitely been a labor of love and I can honestly tell you that I can't imagine not having photography in my life!
Anyway...long story short.... I recently met the lady who is responsible for alot of this! Shelia of Baby Go Retro is the very first e-bay designer that I bought from. I found her by searching "custom boutique" on e-bay. The classic lines and vintage fabrics of her designs were just what I was looking for for Bren, so I took the leap and I was hooked from then on!
Shelia just sent Bren some sets to model for her incredible website www.babygoretro.com
and so we've come full circle!!
Check it out!!


Joyce said...

Little Bren has those Cox lips for sure!!!!Inside joke:-)

Cyn said...

What a great story! I love to hear about how people end up doing the things they do professionally. Fun!

Anonymous said...

oh Becca! It was such a delight to meet you and your beautiful family this Summer at the BBQ~ You had better be making plans for next year!

Love all the photos!!!

with friendship,