Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I got my number!

Michael competed in the Rhode Island State Cross Country meet this weekend. He ran the Varsity race with the top seven boys from each middle school in Rhode Island. There were over 300 boys that ran the 2.1 mile race.

Michael's was given number "39".

Just before he ran, he said, "I bet I get my number!" meaning that he would place number 39 in the race.

The trail took him through lots of wooded areas where we lost sight of him. We positioned ourselves so that we could see the last little bit of running on the wooded trail and then move quickly to the finish line to watch him cross.

We were so excited to see him pass by us at number 48 during our first glimpse of him.

About 45 seconds later, he crossed the finish line at number 39!!!!

He ran the 2.1 mile race at 12 minutes and 15 seconds.

He is in the top 50 boys of his age group in Rhode Island!

And he DID get his number!


carole said...

I love this post. I am a cross country mom too. I just love when the runners emerge from the woods, and you wait for that "one runner" to appear, and then you rush off to the next spot to catch another glimpse. What great weather the Northeast has had for meets this year. A year with out muddy, sleeting meets was such a gift. Congrats to your son, top 50 in the state is fantastic!
(my daughter's team just grabbed the number 1 spot for NY state high schools)
Love your blog!

Cyn said...

WTG Michael - that's awesome. Next time maybe he'll get number 1 and place his number!