Thursday, October 25, 2007

A girl for me and a boy for you...

Friends of ours are foster parents to these sweet little 8 week old twins.

We had the priviledge of keeping these angels overnight on Wednesday.

It's funny how much you forget in four years!

We had everything that comes with newborns times two!

Twice the bottles, twice the burping, twice the diapers, twice the dressing.

Twice the sweetness, twice the coo-ing, twice the twinkle of a grin.

Twenty little toes, twenty little fingers, four little ears, two little noses.

Baby T and Baby A really left a mark on our hearts!

Their future is yet to be written. Their "forever home" is still waiting for them. Their "forever mom" still wondering.

God gave them the gift of each other so that they would never be alone in this world and in His mercy and grace, I know that He has a special purpose for them.

We held them for a moment with all the love and kindness in our hearts, whispering to them things that we hope they remember, but suspect that they will not. We longed to impress upon each of them how very precious they are so that they could draw upon that if ever they feel that they are unwanted. It is a big wish, I know, for one so small to carry such a faint whistper with them, but we whispered just the same.

One thing is certain, these sweet little babies are getting a wonderful start in this great big world! Their foster parents are filling their little lives with love and security. The foster parent's constant kind presence will undoubtedly write upon these babies hearts that they are a blessing.

And that is the one thing that I want them to carry with them into their forever family.

They were loved.




Delighted in.
From the very beginning.


Marica said...

Becca - I love the pictures and the sentiments you wrote about/to them. They are so cute! My favorite is the first picture. The first thing I saw was a heart, created by both babies, together... adorable!

Ayme said...

I had to check out your blog after you posted the link in the group. The photos are all beautiful but I am so moved by the sweet innocence of those adorable twin babies. Breathtaking and soo sweet. I pray they find their way together to a loving home where they can grow and shine. I wish you lived next door, I'd give you lots of work taking pics of my babies. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

Erin said...

What a super sweet post! The babies are adorable and your pictures are amazing!

traci said...

Oh my.... im a foster mom so my heart just goes out to your friends. What a complete joy to take part in this. I am a bad foster mom since I cant let go of the kiddos ...we have adopted each one and are BLESSED beyond measure!! God is preparing their forever mom and dad right now and what a HUGE GIFT you have given with these pictures!!!!!

Patrice said...

Those photos and babies are brethtaking...