Wednesday, January 13, 2010


So a few days ago,
I put on my facebook status
a few lines of a converstaion
I had with Brendell.
She had been looking through a book
with pictures of snakes and worms in it.
She asked her dad,
"What is the most flexible thing in the world?"
Knowing she was looking at books with animals in it,
David said, "Probably a worm."
I laughed and said,
"Bren, the most flexible thing
in the whole wide world
is a Navy wife!"
I am a mentor in a group called COMPASS.
We mentor young navy wives
and provide information, resources, friendship
and "been there" stories for those
just beginning to navigate this crazy life.
One of our visual aids is a stretchy figurine of popeye.
We'll hold him and bend his legs back,
twist his arms around and contort him
into impossible positions
to emphasize the fact that we always need to
keep an open mind, an open heart,
and an openess to change.
It's the number one quality
that gets us through
with the maximum amount of sanity.
This week I am popeye.
I am bending and contorting my plans.
About 10 days ago talk began about us transfering early.
There are several reasons for this and
there are lots of pros and cons to
going ahead with it.
David's career may or may not be affected by it.
We'll have to wait and see what happens over the next few years.
He will have to work a little harder to make up for
what he didn't get here,
but he's no stranger to hard work
and I think he really enjoys the challenge of beating the odds
and coming out on top.
He's done it on numerous occassions
so I have much faith that he can do it again.
Given the stresses in our family,
although it might be the harder road career wise,
is the only choice David felt right about making.
I respect him so much for choosing family
over chasing the dollar.
I am so proud of how far my husband
has come since enlisting
as a baby faced seaman.
He's now a commissioned officer
with so many honors and accomplishments.
He has done well....more than well
in his naval career
and while this choice certainly doesn't end his chances
of continuing to make rank,
it does present some new challenges.
We weighed all of this when making our choice
and family tipped the scales.
After coming off of 10 years of sea duty,
his presence in our home over the next three years
is going to be invaluable as our sons transition
into adult manhood.
The fact that we were given this choice
at this time in our lives is such a gift.
And so,
my flexibility comes into play again
as we speed up our time table
and prepare to make another cross country move in the
very near future!
We still don't have an exact move date,
but we do have a destination.
David will be working at the
Office of Naval Intelligence
in Suitland, MD.
So, Bren,
like I said before,
I bet I can out stretch a silly old worm any day!


The Perfect Trio said...

So, does that mean he won't be gone for the next year?? I'm so happy for you if that is the case!

WOW! Didn't you JUST get to WA? I can't wait to read about your travel BACK to the other side of the country.


Cheryl said...

My sister in GA is the one who told me about your move. She reads you regularly. This is pretty amazing stuff, Becky. I have a client who works in Suitland and lives in Columbia. Could that be an option for you? They do have the best schools in Howard Co. I'm so happy for your mom that you'll be here, and for your family.

JOY said...

Your an amazing women ! I am so proud to be your Mom!

Tonkamom said...

Oh my gosh, what a small world. Becca, my husband just transfered a year and a half ago from O.N.I. . He's in the Coast Guard. And my son (sniff sniff) is leaving for Navy bootcamp next weekend. Next weekend. OMG did I just say that??!!

Jules said...

Rebecca, God has always made sure to pick your family up and craddle them no matter what path he opens for you. You are a strong family. You not only have been blessed with a wonderful husband but with the ability to be such a spectacular individual and a great mentor in so many younger and older womens lives. I pray for a safe and blessed move while you begin yet another chapter of your life.

God Bless You,
Julie Linkous