Saturday, January 2, 2010

365 project!

In addition to "Operation Lone Ship",
I'm also going to do a "365 project" here on the blog.
I've wanted to do this for a few years,
but never thought I could keep up with it.
I still don't think I can,
but for me 2010 is about breaking new ground
and not being so hard on myself
when things don't happen as I plan.
(because you know they never do!)
So, here's photo number ONE.
True to my life,
it's a day late,
but instead of sighing and saying I will try again next year,
I've decided to jump in and do it anyway.
Today was easy.
Bren lost her first tooth.
That tiny white pearl has been hanging on for two weeks!
She is beyond thrilled about her new smile.
But I, having watched each of those tiny teeth make their debut,
am a little sad that my last baby is crossing yet another
milestone that I will never get to watch again.
There is no back up plan with her.
No re-runs.
She's our last hurrah
our cherry on top
and except for milestone days like these,
I'm totally and completely at peace with that.
But today,
with that first tooth gripped between her fingers
and her eyes sparkling with excitement,
a teeny, tiny part of me
wishes that I could go back and watch more teeth surface
in the mouth of another rosy cheeked baby.
I know all you moms out there
understand exactly where I'm coming from.
So, it looks like the tooth fairy will visit us tonight!!


Tonkamom365 said...

Oh my gosh, when did she get so big??!! Too adorable!
You can do it! As far as I'm concerned, cell phone pics while on the run count, too. LOL!

JOY said...

Well ! Iam so glad your back, Your blogs are so easy to read and heart warming , so many times people will say i read Becca blog to today and was was moved to tears , Your needed Becca the gift of stories in words we all feel but can'not exspress like you for its your gift ,use it .
Yeah! Bren with the beauitful grin!

The Sweetest Thing Photography said...

oh wow!! She looks adorable, Becca. I know exactly how you feel. Give her a big squeeze and continue to enjoy each and every day!

Chip said...

So funny Becca,I'm doing the same thing. Your mom's fudge is today's P.O.D. is it ok that I shot it last night?

I think its ok, there may be some days when you get more than one shot and other days where you only get a crappy picture, for me, I just want to post one everyday.

Good luck with your project. you can see mine at

Oh hey, Run them on flickr and and FB too!

Mari said...

So excited you are back up and running! Tell Bren congrats and yes I know EXACTLY how you feel! SAD!

Tara said...

As mama to just 1-year old twins, this was poignant for me. Their teeth are just blooming (and as 3rd and 4th, they are likely the last of my babies...). I keep saying how grown up they'll look when their top teeth come in. I can't imagine how I'll feel when they fall out! The days go quickly. Thanks for the reminder!