Monday, June 22, 2009

Pike Place Market

Every once in a while, David and I
try to get away for the day just to spend time together.
Now that the big kids are older and can take care of themselves
and Brendell, we are able to do this way more often
than in the past.

A few weeks ago, we decided to go to Pike Place Market
in downtown Seattle.
We had no plan, we just went to see what we could see.

The first shop that lured us past it's threshold
Oh my goodness! I am not a cheese girl,
but after tasting Beechers fresh curds,
I just might become one!
We also sampled "The World's Best Mac-n-Cheese".
One word....

Pike Place market is busseling with people
and filled with unique little shops and eateries.
It's just the kind of place I like to be on a sunny afternoon.

I was drawn to all of the street musicians on the day we went.
Some of them were quite good.

Their music added to the festive feel of the day.
Everyone seemed to enjoy it
and the crooners were rewarded handsomely
with over-flowing dollar jars.
A gift for a gift.

This group played outside of the first Starbucks.
Prime realestate for street performers
as that Starbucks is continually packed with tourists.

I wanted to buy their CD to use as party music
for our next BBQ.
It was so fun and bouncy.
Perfect for background music while entertaining a
bunch of friends.

Everytime we go to Pike Place,
we stop by this little shop.
The way they have their artisan oils displayed
is just so pretty and organic.

The produce at the market is always amazing
and you can find everything you need.
One day we plan to come down here and
search out ingredients for a creative dinner
and bring them home to cook.

The Confectional was calling our name
just as we were ready to leave.
We just couldn't resist sampling
these little cheesecakes.
They were divine!

After we shared the cheesecakes,
we took a walk through some downtown streets
and ended up at Pacific Place.
Loaded with shops and restaurants,
this mall was more than we were willing to take on
that day, so we walked back down the hill
toward the market.

I can't ever go to the market without
bringing home a big bouquet
of local flowers.
Aren't they gorgeous?
I love having fresh flowers in the house and
it's hard to beat the prices or freshness of these
market flower bouquets.
So, it seems Seattle is more than just grey skies, rain and McDreamy!
Who knew?


Crazy Homeschool Mama said...

I took a really cool shot of a guy polishing shoes and he was not happy so I showed him while I deleted it...great shots!

Laura said...

Is it weird that I am still not used to seeing you as a brunette but will say that you pull it off really really nicely. It gives you like a new edge, of mystery. Like you don;t know what your going to do next!.

I dunno there is just something about you being a brunette. I mean you still are one of the coolest blonds I know and I hope one day we see your gorgeous blond locks again, but after I keep buttering you up on being a brunette maybe you won't want to go back.

Maybe its your hair style in general that really shapes your face nicely. Or the fact that as a brunette those blue eyes look like blue ocean diamonds and really pop. I dunno just something about it.

JOY said...

great tour i feel like i was there , you could give Samatha a run for her money on the tavel chanel . I just love the way way you enjoy your life and inclued us . XXOO