Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Saturday was opening day for
U-pick strawberries here at our local farm.

David, Brendell and I got up nice and early
to pick our share of my favorite berry.
Brendell was so excited to find unusual shapes.
I heard more "Look Mom's!!" in the hour we were there
than I have heard in a long time!

After living in Southern California for four years,
we have been spoiled when it comes to sweet strawberries!
Biringer Farm berries come pretty close though!

The annual Strawberry Festival in Marysville is
this coming weekend.
It is a four day event including a carnival,
craft booths, talent show, parade, and of course
plenty of delicious strawberries.

If you have been following my blog for a while,
you will remember last year's festival
which occured just a week after David deployed to the
middle east onboard the USS Abraham Lincoln.
My what a difference a year makes!

Marysville was an unfamiliar town full of strangers
last year, and we hardly knew where to go
to participate in the events of this festival.
Now this year, we are all looking forward to it so much
and David gets to experience it with us!

Biringer Farm in Arlington has over 22 acres
of strawberries to pick from.
We got two flats full picking from just
three or four rows!

Wondering what we did with all those berries?
After eating about a third of them like potato chips,
we sliced up the rest to use as topping for
strawberry shortcake,
waffles, pancakes,
and ice cream.

If you want to pick your own strawberries
or any other fruit in season,
just google "U-pick" and your state or county
and see what comes up!

Happy picking!!!

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