Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ferry Land

When you come to the Pacific Northwest,
one thing you must do is ride a ferry.
Ferries are a way of life here.
They are a common way of getting from here
to there and they offer
a beautiful view of the surrounding area.

David has been taking one to work everyday
while the ship is in the yards in Bremmerton.
His ferry ride is an hour long
and leaves directly from the base in Everett.

When we decided to go to Bremmerton a few weeks ago
to scope out some venues for a family marathon shoot,
we took the Edmonds Kingston Ferry
which is a 45 minute ride.

It was a grey misty day,
but we still really enjoyed ourselves.
Dare I say that we might actually be becoming
acclaimated to the weather here?
It seriously is not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.
I will admit though that the hardest part for me
has been these last two months.
I don't mind it being cold when it should be cold,
but when it's April and we are in heavy jackets,
that is not OK with me.
However, the weather here has recently reached record highs,
with blue skies and searing sun,
so I'm not complaining anymore!

Brendell explored the Ferry and
loved it so much.
She looked for otters and seals,
eagles and seagulls.
It was so fun to watch her get so excited.

Half way through the ride, we gave her the camera
and let her shoot us for a little bit.
She shot about 50 photos in 10 minutes!!!!!
Some of them are featured on my blog header.
Here are some others.

When we got to Bremmerton,
we drove to Manchester State Park
which was recommended to us by my friend
Jessica who met us there.

We walked around and I did a few test shots
to see how the area would work for
the sessions I was scheduling for the following week.

It is such a gorgeous park with lots of different
photo opportunities.
I can't wait to show you some sneaks from the
family sessions I held there!
I've been burried in the editing of those sessions
ever since.
I'm working in two and three hour spurts
and am working my way through them all.
I'm two thirds of the way done,
so check back soon for some
sneaks at some goregous families.

David was in his uniform all that day because
we had to stop by the sub base in Bremmerton
for him to meet with some XO's.
He managed to stay mud-free despite pushing
Jessica's kids in a stroller
through some sloppy trails.
He's such a good sport!!

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