Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Our New Home

I have fallen in love with New England! Everywhere I look I see quaint little houses, stone walls lining the streets and lush trees in full bloom. I love water views and Rhode Island is the perfect state for that! We try to take drives all around the area just to see what is here and each time we go out I find my new "favorite" place! I wish we had longer to stay here and explore, but we'll be moving to Seattle in Spring 08. For now though, I live here, and I'm really gonna LIVE here, ya know? We've jumped right in and have made ourselves at home here even if it is just for now.

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momy4him said...

i am sooo glad you finally jumped on the blog bandwagon! now i can actually keep up with you as i am really bad about picking up the phone!
i have a blog too...for a couple of years now...i used to be at blogger, but now you can find me at
come visit me!