Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Next Best Thing.....

The next best thing to having your own little sister is borrowing a friend's little sister for the day!

Bella and Bren modeled some fabulous sister sets from Lisa of e-bay ID little*bits*by*lisa today.

We chose the Cliff Walk in Newport as our backdrop for this fun shoot!

You can see the entire shoot here... www.brenandcompany.smugmug.com


Libby said...

Beautiful, Becca.. I always LOVE LOVE LOVE to see your pics. Bren is the cutest!

momy4him said...

bren is getting soooo big! loving the photos, these little models are too cute-one question though. do you get to keep the clothes?!

Becca said...

LOL! Yes, I get to keep most of them or we get paid to return them. I usually try to resell the clothing we keep so that it compensates my time.
Thanks for the compliments!! :)