Thursday, June 21, 2007

All About Maddie!

My girl Maddie loves to sing her favorite songs at the top her lungs. She loves dancing, swimming, playing soccer and oddly enough, math. She's an awesome big sister to Brendell and a spunky little sister to Zach and Michael. She's a creative soul with a vast imagination. She loves ice cream and hates folding clothes. She loves animals and hates to be alone. She loves spending time with me shopping, watching movies, cooking, talking and doing girly things.
She says she wants to be a professional photographer when she grows up and has already developed quite an eye.
Here is how I see her....

Madison and I were finally able to go out and do the shoot I had been wanting to do with her. Standing on the threshold of being a little girl and being a teenager, she is who she is and I really admire that in her. Her strength and determination inspire me and her propensity for doing the right thing amazes me. She's a one of a kind, precious gift from God.

I wanted to capture her fun personality and her contageous smile. I love you Madison Joy!


momy4him said...

i love this post! madison has definitely grown up a bit since i last saw her- where does the time go?!! she is a beautiful reflection of you rebecca! i love the way you have captured her!
missing you all!

Candsw said...

Wow, she is growing up so fast. I look at my own and see that they are growingat such a rapid pace, it is like warp speed. Those are beautiful pics. I didn't even know you had a blog.

Libby said...

Becca, Madison is beautiful and your photography is amazing! How much fun to spend time with your daughter on a photo shoot :)