Thursday, August 26, 2010

Honk if you're an insensitive jerk!

So it's back to school week here in
Anne Arundel County.
Lots of little backpacks and lunch boxes,
knee socks and brand new shoes.
Tearful moms stand at the bus stop as
the big yellow beast roars to a stop.
The door squeaks open revealing
a metal stairway leading to
exciting new discoveries.
Nervous kindergartners cling to mom's hand
for just one more minute before
boarding the bus that will take them
to brick buildings full of construction paper,
scissors and glue.
The beginning of what will be 12 more years
of first days.

That classic scene is played over
year after year in towns and cities
all over America.
That first week of school is a sacred,
time honored tradition.
A milestone
that is part of the cadence of
American family life.
It's familiar,
it's special,
it's endearing.
Apparently not to everyone.
Someone got up a few minutes too late
yesterday morning,
threw on their suit,
chugged down their coffee,
grabbed their keys and ran out to their BMW.
Because of their own lack of planning,
they are now in a raging hurry to get to
wherever it is they need to be at 7:35 in the morning.
God help anyone who stands in their way
or delays them further.
Unfortunately, this person ended up behind a school bus.
And the classic scene was lost on him.
He didn't see the cute knee socks or the shiny mary janes.
He didn't smile at the little girl with the bouncy pigtails
who needed just one more hug from mom
before boarding the bus.
All he saw was the clock and
how inconvenienced he was.
He layed on his horn and kept a steady note
until every kid was on that bus
and every mom was robbed of that
sweet first day photo of their child
shedding the final layer of babyhood and
smiling back from the steps
of their future.
This story was relayed to me by Brendell's bus driver
yesterday morning.
This morning Brendell, Journey and I
went out to meet the bus.
When it came to a stop at our driveway
the bus driver jumped out of her seat,
leaned out of the door
and gave Journey a doggy treat.
That's when the honking began.
First one, then two, then a long steady note.
The bus driver was already back in position before Brendell
was even properly seated!
The entire exchange probably took less than
15 seconds!
Seriously people,
if you can't wait 15 seconds for a moment of human kindness
something is wrong with your priorities!
Would 15 extra seconds actually get you down the road
that much quicker?
How about leave the house a full minute early
then you'd have a whole 45 seconds to spare!
Heck, you could watch three bus boardings
with that kind of time!
Let this be a reminder to drivers everywhere.
School is back in session,
plan accordingly!
And while your at it
maybe taking a few seconds to relive
the joy and mystery of childhood
will help lower your blood pressure enough
for you to handle the interstate
where the big boys play!
Vent over.....
we will return to our normally upbeat,
happy, heart warming
blog shortly.


Tammy K said...

Love it Becca!

Melissa said...

I gave you an award on my blog. Feel free to claim it if you like. :)

Anonymous said...

call the local police dept & complain. myabe they'll post a car & nab the idiots. the law is pretty clear, stop whent he lights flash. honking is not necessary.