Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Gift...

To all the cool moms and aunts
out there,
this one is for you!

To those who sacrificed a clean floor
for toothless smiles,
finished laundry for
contagious giggles
and rainy indoor days
for zainy outdoor memories.....

Thank you!!!

It is because of you that some of us
have grown up holding experiences
and relationships
more precious than possessions.

It is through your willingness
to let us express our creativity
that we now feel free to be creative.

We know we left marks on your walls
and mud on your floor,
but you left much more indelible impressions
on our hearts.

Things like laughter, acceptance,
freedom, love, joy,
discernment between what is a big thing
and what is a small thing.
You gave us memories that we cling to
even today as we watch our own kids grow.

You put within our hearts
a longing to give our children
the same gift you gave us.

Permission to be a kid.
to get dirty,
to laugh until we couldn't breath,
to build tents in living rooms that you
just straightend up,
to paint pinecones
and picture frames
to jump in mud puddles
and in piles of leaves
to roast marshmellows,
carve our initials in trees
and hunt for aliens in the backyard.

I know I've said it before
but it is such a blessing to get to know
these kids!
Nylah and Emerson are my cousin Leah's children.
Being with them has filled my summer with nostalgia.
Watching them run through the same
enchanted woods that their mother and I ran through
is a gift beyond words.

This summer I have discovered that
I have the opportunity to
be what I longed for.
I have the chance to create bonds between
my kids and their cousins
just like the precious bonds that were
fostered during my childhood.
And the best part is that I'm sure
I'm getting the greater reward!
Not only do I get to rest in the comfort of the past,
but I get to experience the discovery of the present!
And that, my friends,
beats a squeaky clean house
and perfectly folded laundry
any day!


Becca said...

Now thats what I am talking about!heart moving tear jerking good reading Blog ! This really isn't you writting to your self .It me Mom at your desk.LOL

mackey said...

You, my dear, should be an inspirational speaker.
Or a Pastor! Your words are so uplifting!!
Pastor Becca sounds wonderful!

Tara said...

I love how the poses are so similar in the two pics.. not sure which is which, but perhaps they take after their mother oh so much? Fun to see. I'm glad that your summer has been good, hence the quiet. Now it's almost time for school! Time flies... enjoy this season and these days!

Becca said...

Oh Mackey, if only I could speak as eloquently as I write!
Thank you for your kind words. You are always such an encouragment to me. :)

Becca said...

Tara, I'm the one standing all prim and proper with my spiral curled pigtails. Leah is the crazy one with the joy of life spilling out of her! I'm a year and a half older than she is and thus, sooo much more dignified. :)