Thursday, January 6, 2011

The right fit

Sometimes you fit.
sometimes you don't.

When we first moved in,
my mom gave us her kitchen table and chairs
because she wanted a new one.
A few months later
she had her new set delivered
and it just didn't belong in her condo.
It was beautiful in the showroom,
but when she got it home,
it just didn't shine.
While we really appreciated the set she gave us,
it didn't look amazing in our kitchen either.
So we switched sets
and it was like the missing puzzle piece!
This table is made for my house!
It fits our decor perfectly and
compliments my style.
I absolutely love it!
Mom's table looks much better
in her condo too.

Sometimes you fit and sometimes you don't.
I've been in places, churches,
peer groups, jobs and clubs
where I just didn't quite fit.
I've taken on projects and
taught classes and worked in various ministries
and got involved in certain activities
where I just wasn't amazing or amazed.
What a difference there is when you
find what you were made for.
I've heard it said that you should find what you love
and do it.
We were all gifted for specific things
and you know it when you are doing what you
are made for.
My favorite illustration of this concept
involves a volkswagon bug and
a land rover.
Imagine that life is a bumpy road
with treacherous terrain.
When you are not doing what you
were made for
you are a volkswagon bug
navigating terribly over
the bumps and obstacles.
You are moving along,
but not very well.
You'll most likely wear out before
your time.
Now switch to a land rover and travel that
same road.
You were born for this.
You have all the necessary equipment
already installed!
You actually find joy in the bumps and
pot holes because you were
made to navigate them.
In my life
writing and photography
bring me a certain joy
that I just can't get anywhere else.
For my mom,
it is being a hair stylist.
For my brothers
it is working in the fishing industry.
What's yours?
Are you a volkswagon bug
or a land rover right now?
Find what you love and do it!

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