Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Restoration Hardware

{Res.tor.a.tion} .n.

The act of restoring; renewal, revivial or reestablishment.
The state or fact of being restored.
A return of something to it's former, original or normal condition.
Restitution of something taken away or lost.
Something that is restored as by renovating.
A putting back to a former position, dignity, ect.
I've been thinking alot about that word lately.
In fact it seems to be invading my thoughts
with such force, that I am having a hard time
thinking about much else.
Usually when this happens,
it means that it's time for me to pay attention
to the word or concept if I want to get any peace at all.
Otherwise, it will keep hounding me in my sleep
and in my fully conscious mind until I do.

The above definitions are glorious.
I was so pleased when I read them because
they open up for me such extraordinarily rich pictures
of what this word means.

When I think of the word restoration,
my mind immediately jumps to an old house
that we once called home.
The dilapidated New England farm house was built
high on a hill in Portsmouth, Rhode Island
in the 1890s.
A long time admirer of old houses full of stories,
I couldn't wait to move in and set up house
within her walls.
From the moment I laid eyes on her
I knew what she was supposed to be.
In her early years,
she must have sat magestically on that hill
overlooking the Narraganset Bay;
her windows reflecting the evening sun as it
dropped into the water after one last
glistening nod to the day.
But many years had gone by.
Battles had been fought on her grounds
and harsh weather weakend her foundations
and battered her frame.
Some improvements and updates
had been made through the years
but her glory days seemed a distant memory.

I loved her though.
I filled her porch full of flowers and
ran my fingers over the antique wooden banister that
lined her narrow stair case.
She was beautiful to me.
I polished her worn floors and hung pictures
on her scarred walls.
I knew that she was probably well beyond
what it would take in this economy to
bring her back to her former glory,
but I still saw it.
I overlooked her drafty windows and her
cracked driveway,
and I lived in her as if she were
the most magnificent mansion I had ever seen.
Someday, a restoration specialist
will see in her what I saw.
He will know exactly what to do.
He will knock down walls and strip wood.
He will tear down and build up.
She will be made new from the inside out.
He will skillfully pour into her exactly what she needs
and she will shine again.
What a beautiful concept restoration is!
I'm sure many of us can think of at least a dozen things in our
lives that are as battered and beaten
as my beloved New England house and
we know that without restoration,
they will crumble.
It could be our relationship with our husband or wife,
our kids, a parent or a friend, or maybe
it is that we need God to restore something in us,
our hope, our joy or our faith.
Maybe we've experienced some pain in our lives
and we have followed that pain down
destructive roads so far that we feel like
we can never be brought back to the beginning
and live as though we had made a different choice.
Restoration is a core need in all of our lives.
It is a need that only a skilled restoration specialist can fill.
Trying to do the job without one is like
slapping a coat of paint
on a peeling wall.
In all of our good intentioned trying,
we will never be able to successfully restore
anything without the necessary tools or hardware
that is needed to do the job right.
All our efforts amount to polished floors
and flowers on the porch
but only the healing hand of a specialist
can tear out the old and rebuild the new
in such a way that the former glory is restored
in grandiose splendor!
I know a restoration specialist if you are looking for one.
Even if you've already tried to rebuild yourself and things aren't going well,
He'll know exactly what to do.
He'll take your project in any condition.
Nothing is too far gone or too messed up for him.
He is a master renovator.
His address is 2 Cor 5:17-21
and Isaiah 43:18-19.
And best of all,
He's totally free!


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