Monday, June 7, 2010

Learning to Fly.....

So we've been intently watching this Robin's nest
every day since we moved in
on May 10th.

Once the eggs hatched,
we watched the mother and father
tirelessly bring beak fulls
of worms and bugs
to the nest to feed their four hungry
little guys.

The babies grew stronger and stronger

before our eyes!

Within a few days,

they started looking less like aliens

and more like Robins.

The nest became smaller and smaller,
no longer able to hold the four of them
Someone was always hanging on the rim
and there seemed to be a constant tangle of wings.

Freedom came on Sunday morning!
Instinct kicked in and those little guys knew it was time.
Balancing precariously on the edge of their destiny,
each of them spread their wings
and set out on their own adventure...
all except one.

We've all been there,
our fear holding us back,
unable to do what seems to come so easily to others.
Self doubt can be crippling.

Sometimes, it seems like no matter how hard
we flap our wings,
nothing can take us where we want to go
except for our own courage.

It helps to have a strong support system too...
or at least someone to encourage us,

and stand guard over us when we feel
at our most vulnerable.

But ultimately,
there comes a time when we have to stand alone.
Some things just can't be done for us
no matter how much we are loved.
Our most important lessons
are often learned
only when we release ourselves from
the grip of fear
and step out of what we know is safe.

We have to push through the failures
and the near misses.

After a less than perfect attempt,
the ability to pick ourselves back up
and start over again with our head held high
is essential to our success.

Just getting out of the nest is one thing.....

But knowing what to do when you hit the ground
is another.

It's a big, big world out there
full of seemingly insurmountable

But the beauty is in the journey.
There is value in seeing even a small challenge
through to the end.

Each confidence building victory pushes us a little farther
toward our next goal.

In a world where everything is bigger than you

and there is danger lurking around every corner,

Your survival depends on knowing who to follow.

It is just as important to be a
wise follower as it is to be a wise leader.

Hang in there, baby!
Before you know it,
you'll find your wings!


Laura said...

GORGEOUS post, I knew when you first posted the images that a great tale would unfold from these birds and you would make it into an emotional post of strength and courage and it is what I for one LOVE about coming here, we all get to learn from your experiences and take our own flights. Love you friend!!!.

Chipster said...

Such a perfect gift for you in your new house. and you made great use of the story. I'm linking to this on my blog today.

Michelle said...

You are AMAZING! :0)

Cristie :) said... me a softie but all I could think about was Zach. As you posted in your blog "and then there was 5"...the very first line of that post you made the comment "My first bird has flown". I mean seriously...I started reading this one about the 4, yes 4baby birds, coincidence? Who knows. But what a treat to come to this new home, this new adventure and see the amazing gift God placed on your porch. So, read your take flight post again and put you and your dear Zach in and Dave have taught him well...he will lead AND follow the right ones..he will fall..he will learn along the way. Your words are perfect at the end too..."Hang in there, baby! Before you know it, you'll find your wings!" AMAZING BECCA!! I LOVEEEE seeing through your eyes dear friend! You are a wonderful example to all!! =)