Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Full circle.....

I am always jealous of people who live as adults
in the same area that they grew up in.
Watching your own kids romp around the same playgrounds,
swim in the same rivers,
attend the same schools,
and frequent the same hang outs
that you did seems like such a wonderful way
to raise a family.
I know the grass is always greener
and those people probably think that my life
of new adventures every few years
and getting to see so many parts of the country
is wildly exciting.
We usually want what we can't have.
Over the years I have grown to embrace and love my life,
but the longing for familiarity never leaves.
I feel like God has heard all of my silent thoughts,
and not so silent ones too.
He has seen how many private tears I have cried over
not being able to raise my kids near family.
He heard and saw it all
and now in his perfect timing,
He is making a way for me to
have the desires of my heart!
I still can't believe it!
We will be renting the beautiful house pictured above
for the next three years!
But that's not all....
God is a very specific God.
His blessings are pre-packaged.
They are personalized down to the very last detail.
This house is located exactly half a mile from
the house I grew up in on Wilson Road!
The same woods that went on for miles behind my house
and provided so many hours of tree fort building and
rope swinging also back up to this house!
I will be able to take my kids on box turtle hunts
and searches for the perfect branch to hang a tire swing from.
We will be able to walk down to the marina
that first sparked my brothers love of fishing.
We can feed the ducks from the same pier
that I skipped down as a pigtailed little girl.
There was one duck in particular that
was the loudest quacker in the bunch.
She was black and white
and just the most vocal bird I've ever heard.
My Dad named her Becky
in honor of my own ability to talk my way
into and out of anything!
I wonder if Becky had loud little ducklings
and gran-ducklings
that are still hanging around?
I can't wait to find out!
And so as we prepare to vacate one home
and build a life in another
I am reminded that I have a God
who loves me
and who has good things stored up for me,
including houses with red walls and
stone fireplaces
backing up to familiar woods
full of magical adventures!
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to my very personalized gift!


Crazy Homeschool Mama said...

I got goosebumps! SO COOL! Gorgeous house!

Sandi Henderson said...

How I wish I could help you pack up and wash cupboards! I will just send you virtual hugs and positive moving thoughts!

The house is gooorrr-geous!


Kelly @ Love Well said...

Oh my word, Becca. That house is PERFECTION. I love that New England style. And the fact that it borders your childhood home gave me goosebumps. Surely, God is flooding you with joy. What a personal gift.