Friday, November 30, 2007

Like the cobblers children have no shoes......

The photographers walls have no prints!

I do have four BIG black and whites in my of each of my kids and then four other smaller photos on the adjoining walls, but that's it. I'm the worst at getting my own work printed! This week, I rearranged my living room so that it now has more useable wall space. We'll be having lots of family here in February for David's commissioning, so I thought it was time to jazz up the place!
When we moved into the fabulous old house, I did just the minimum to make it feel like home. I felt it was impractical to buy house specific things since we'll be moving so soon. This house has soooo much potential to be an incredibly charming, warm space, but I've put little effort into it. It's been all I can do to keep myself from painting the living room walls or buying rugs and window treatments to fit specific rooms.
I LOVE decorating, but for the past five years, it's just been silly to put so much effort into something that is so temporary. This is a big reason why I am looking forward to moving to Seattle and STAYING for at least three years! I'm going ot unleash my pent up creative energy all over whatever house we end up renting!
But, prints can go anywhere in any house right? SO, I decided it was time to surround myself with my favorite photos. We bought 12 frames months ago when they were on sale at Michaels, and I ordered photos to fill them all! I even ordered a really big 20x24 print of the picture that is now my blog header. I don't have a matt and frame for it yet, but I'm going to Michaels later today to see what it will run me.
I'm sooooo excited! The photos should be delivered today!!
I will take pictures of them on my walls when I get them all up!!

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Cheryl said...

I love the new header. It must have been so hard to pick just the right photo.

Did the photos get delivered? I'll be looking for a new post.