Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Giving Thanks!!!

We went to Maryland this Thanksgiving to spend some time with my Mom and Paul.
Bren had a special request for breakfast......
We spent three quiet days at Nana's doing things like playing jacks, watching football, sharing a book, playing cards and games, surfing the net, playing playstation and of course preparing and eating a fabulous feast complete with turkey and ham!

We also had a visit to santa, celebrated Zach's 16th birthday and played in the last of the Fall leaves. I'll blog about those later.
What I'm thankful for:
Being a military family and moving as often as we have in the past 7 years, it is so easy to feel isolated. Starting up new friendships and keeping old ones can really be challenge. It's so easy to put up walls and not reach out to others for friendship because it hurts to much to say goodbye. It is also easy to lose contact with old friends in the bustle of a busy life.
This month we have had the pleasure of composing a list of friends and family that we want to invite to David's commissioning in February. Actually sitting down and creating a list of people who have touched our lives over the past 15 years has really been a blessing. It has shown us that we have led a life full of love and laughter because of the people that God has brought into our lives. We've learned from some, taught some, cried and celebrated with others. While the season for our close friendships with some of these people have passed, the joy of having known them remains and for that I am so thankful!
If you are a friend of mine, new or old, near or far, I just want to give a big "Thank You" to you for what you bring to my life! I am who I am because of all of the people in my life who have given me a bit of their hearts. It is because of your friendship, your kindness, your belief in me, your unselfishness, compassion and prayers that I look at the world the way I do. I'm so thankful for you my friend. Whether I've ever met you in person or not, whether we've ever shared giggles over coffee or not, whether I've held your babies in my arms or not, whether we've ever sat and cried over a loss together or not, whether I talk to you every day or just a couple times a year,
I'm thankful for the part you play in my life!

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Cheryl said...

It sounds like it was a perfect time with your family. I know your mom loves having you with her. We were so busy at work that I didn't have time to ask her about the visit. Now I know.