Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tollhouse Tradition.......

Yum!!! The smell of chocolate chip cookies is wafting through my kitchen. Those that know me know that the smell of warm chocolate chip cookies in my house can mean one of three things....It's my first week in a new house (what says "you're home" more than the smell of cookies baking?), I'm incredibly stressed (baking is a sort of therapy for me during super stressful times), or it's the first day of school and the kids are due home any minute!!!

Michael is a 7th grader this year and said that his first day of school was great. He thinks he'll like his teachers and he's got a good schedule. He's in band...not sure how that happened, but we'll decide if he's going to stay there in the next few weeks. If they let him play the drums, I think he'll stay.

Madison is a 6th grader this year and said that she also likes her teachers and schedule. Some of her friends are in her class which I'm thankful for. She's in chorus this year, so we'll get to go to some concerts!

Zach is unfortunately too cool for a photo with a plate of cookies! He's a 9th grader this year and his quote upon being asked how his first day was...." It was alot gay-er than I thought it was going to be!" He does like his teachers and his schedule looks interesting. He has a few classes with his friends, so that was good news to him. He's got physics, Algebra 1, Geography, History, Television production ( which I think he'll be removed from because it requires a prerequisite), spanish 1, electronics, English 1 and PE along with a study hall. I can tell that he is proud to be in high school no matter how cool he acts! ONE of my much anticipated peace until 2 pm, went great! Bren and I met Daddy out in town for lunch and then we went to the grocery store to grab the ingredients for the cookies. We came home just in time to have one batch made before Zach walked in the door.
Today I've got to get some bows made and shipped, do three photo shoots with Bren and get a little house cleaning done. Tomorrow is grocery shopping day and Friday I am tossing around the idea of spending some time in Boston because David's Chief quarters got selected to go out and sail on the USS Constitution for the afternoon. I'd love to get some photos of that!


Cyn said...

I posted the same thing on our first day back to school.

Becca said...

LOL! I guess its a popular tradition! :)
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