Wednesday, August 29, 2007

In Lieu of School Photos.....

Raise your hand if you have ever had a school picture that you have liked? Yup! just as I thought.....about 3 of you in the whole crowd. You kind of have to expect that though given the circumstances in which we are put in for shool photos. At best we are herded in, plopped down on a stool and before we can catch our breath the photographer says, "3..2..1...CHEESE!" and we plaster this panicked smile that says "Please dont let me be the one whose photo gets ripped out of the yearbook and stapled on the wall for the popular kids to throw darts at!" All of us want to have that "perfect school photo" because lets face it, once that shutter goes off, we are immortal! And who wants to go down in history looking like a dork?
This is why we never buy school photos in my house! In Lieu of school photos this year, I took my three older kids out for a photoshoot at some cool locations in Portsmouth and Newport....and look!!!!! No panicked smiles or dorks here!!! It just goes to show you what a relaxed atmosphere and a creative photographer can do to bring out the true beauty in people.
If you've never scheduled a session with one of the talented professional photographers across our nation, treat yourself to that this Fall. It will be worth every dime you spend...after all, since the release of the shutter really means instant immortality, doesn't it make sense to get the very best results that you can?

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Jaime said...

these are awesome Becca!!
love your style!

Mamapatrice said...

I really enjoy your photography. Beautiful kids!

Candsw said...

Becca Wow the kids are so grown up. If I was close you would have 5 more to photograph. We miss you guys terribly.