Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Our Story..............

Once upon a time there was a girl and a boy.

The boy loved the girl and the girl loved him back.
They spent lots of time together and grew very close.
After dating for almost a year,
the girl and the boy found out that they
were going to have a baby.
The boy was scared and so was the girl.
Fear drove them apart and the girl and the boy
went in different directions.
The girl moved to Maryland
and the boy stayed in Florida and
tried to forget her.
By the time the leaves changed in the Fall of 1991,
the girl had a beautiful baby boy.
She named him Zachary and he was her world.
The girl worked very hard to make a life for
her baby boy.  She rocked him to sleep at night,
sung songs to him,
giggled and laughed with him
and marveled at how amazing he was,
 but she never forgot the boy she left in Florida.
He never forgot her either
and he was working very hard to change and grow
and prepare to win back the heart of the girl and be a father and a husband.
Through the miracle of God's perfect timing,
the boy and the girl were drawn back together.
The boy had joined the Navy and was stationed in Connecticutt.
He drove to see the girl and the baby boy every
weekend for many, many months.
By the end of the summer of 1992,
the boy and the girl were married
and they began a new life in Connecticutt.

The girl and the boy and their little boy were very happy.
The girl and the boy learned alot about eachother
and about how to be parents.
The girl and the boy didn't always do it perfectly,
but they loved eachother and their little boy very much.
They tried hard to make the right choices and
to do the best things for their little family.
They girl and the boy didn't have very much
and lived a life full of sacrifices,
but their home was filled with love.
The girl and the boy loved being parents and
their little boy was everything to them.
Soon the girl and the boy had another baby.
They named him Michael Isaac and he was very loved.
The two little boys were best friends and they
did everything together.
Soon God gave the girl and the boy another baby.  A little girl named Madison.
She was their first princess and their family grew to five.
The boy and the girl and could hardly believe
that God had brought such beauty out of very humble and uncertain beginnings.
From great struggle, God had brought amazing success.
The boy was promoted in the Navy many times over the years. 
The family of five lived all over America and were able
to do and see so many wonderful things
and meet so many great people.
The boy and the girl knew it was because they had trusted in God
and had longed to raise a family that loved Him.
They were very blessed.
Seven years after their last baby,
God sent another little girl.
They named her Brendell Faith
and she completed their family.


The family was now six.
Once again the boy and the girl were amazed by how far God had brought them
over the years.
They knew how uncommon it was for two people
coming from such opposite backgrounds
and starting a family as young as they did
to not only stay together through all of the hard things life throws
at couples and families on a daily basis,
but also to thrive.
To them it was supernatural
and was only because of the grace of God
that their little family existed
as an imperfect, challenging, heart warmingly beautiful unit.
God likes to take the weak things of this world,
the troublesome situations,
the under-dogs,
the ones society labels as unworthy
or challenged,
the ones with little or no means
to make it alone,
the ones who don't know real love,
the ones who are looking in all the wrong places to have their needs met,
the ones who are spiritually,emotionally and physically needy
and are starving for encouragement from others,
the ones who are written off by others,
the ones who are blinded by the lies
they have been told......
He chooses them and he
 comes up beside them,
invades their lives,
empowers them with his truth,
turns them around,
sends others to rally around them physically with tangible love
and spiritually with intercessory prayer,
and lifts them up
to bring glory to himself through them!
And now, because we know who holds our future,
who works ALL things out for good,
who despite our own weaknesses, failures, doubts and all out rebellious nature
 has invaded our life and has made something
far more beautiful than we could ever have imagined
and who promises to complete the good work he has begun in those who love him,
we rejoice in the addition of a grandson in the spring of 2013.

The boy and the girl will now get the joy of watching the story of
their little boy and his girl unfold on the pages of their own book.
The boy and the girl are excited because they know the author of the story.
He is amazing!
He is creative, keeps his readers in suspense,
loves cliff hangers and edge of your seat prose
and his writings are always, always emersed in love.
He allows his characters much freedom,
resulting in constant twists and turns in the story.
This may cause some of his audience to doubt and fear,
but the faithful know the redemptive powers of the author
and they understand that undesireable,
 often self inflicted circumstances are always overcome by
forgiveness, love, grace and mercy.
Fans of this author know that although we will watch the imperfect,
 stubborn characters stumble and all may look hopeless,
 this author never writes those who love him out of his story.
Because he knew the entire story before he even picked up the pen to write the first word,
we can trust him through the scary parts where things start to look
like they are falling apart for our characters.
The best, most amazing and unique part is that this story is ALIVE!
As readers of the story that is being written on our own hearts
and on the hearts of those we love,
we have the awesome power to influence both the characters and the author himself
through our fervent prayers.
We can pray that the characters use the freedom that the author gives them wisely.
We can pray that the author showers grace and mercy on our characters
and blesses them beyond their comprehension.
It really is quite incredible to think that we can play such vital roles
 in not only our own story
 but also in the stories of those we dearly love!
I dont want to give it away,
but in the end love and truth wins!
(and later there is gold involved....lots and lots of gold! 
I hear the streets are even paved with it!....oh and plus love, joy and peace
that we have never known on this earth! sounds like a great ending to me!)
Enjoy the read
and remember the story is not over until
the last chapter is written!



shirley dietz said...

I love your report of God's story with your family! Exactly the right perspective and so encouraging.

The Perfect Trio said...

congratulations becca!